A sophisticated and feminine fragrance that will accompany you at all times.

The American perfume house Tocca It has a wide range of fragrances that since 2006 offers women scents for all tastes, perfect for daily use or casual. Accompanied by a presentation delicate, original and flirtyThese fragrances will be your new companions on a daily basis, to offer you a delicate and sophisticated touch at all times.

1. Tocca: Emelia

Tocca Beauty Emelia Fragrance 1.7

Fragrance perfume fruity floral with a mixture of loquat, clementine, bucchu leaves, fig leaves, magnolia and grass.

This fragrance was launched in 2016 is from soft scent, perfect for daily use. It is available in a 50ml presentation.

2. Tocca: Stella

Fragrance floral fruit with essences of woody musk, orange, roses, peony, sandalwood, wild orchid and lily.

This less sweet perfume and more citrus It is perfect for casual use, plus its elegant bottle will look beautiful on any shelf.

3. Tocca: Cleopatra

Scent perfume warm and sweet which mixes grapefruit, cucumber, jasmine, amber, vanilla, peach and blackcurrant bud.

Cool and relaxingThis fragrance is ideal for seductive and daring women, you get it for under $ 60.

4. Tocca: Simone

Fragrance fruity floral with a mixture of notes of freesia, lemon, watermelon, apple and aromas of the sea.

Indicated for those women sweet and romantic, this fragrance was launched in 2014 and is currently on sale.