Many everyday situations in our home warrant the use of tools; since renovations to repairs of different types. It is not necessary to have the help of a professional, if you have the tools needed you can solve any situation by yourself. Thinking about this, here we show you the best kits of tools that will save you money on professional services and that will make you feel much more independent.

Full kit of 168 pieces


This practical toolkit includes 40 of the most used for manual tasks. Is it so made from a high-quality blend of steel, chrome and vanadium with chrome plating.

They come in a convenient carrying case where you can as well as easily store them take them anywhere you need them. They allow you to easily do all the work and repairs by yourself.

2. Combined Set of Drills


It is a set of drills designed with an impact driver with a single hand load. It has a high performance motor It offers 300 watt units with 3 LED light rings.

It offers a high speed transmission that offers two options of operating speeds. Both units are compact and lightweight so you can use them comfortably in tight spaces.

3. Set of Basic tools


It is a kit that contains the tools necessary for most small home repairs. Is it so made with heat treatment and chrome to resist corrosion.

All tools are safely housed in a convenient blow molded case, and you can keep and store them without taking up much space. They are your faithful companions for any work at home.

4. Drill Set and Tool Package


It is a great kit that allows you to develop a variety of projects at home. Includes a 20V drill that will Provides an extra level of control with 11-position torque.

Additionally, it includes 66 tools and hand accessories, as well as a bag for transport and storage. Already no home repair is too heavy or difficult, because you have everything you need on hand.