A necessary tool that we should all carry in our handbag is a portable sewing kit. Everyone has ever dropped a button on their shirt or pants, a seam has come loose, or we have a problem with shirt or pants hems. That is why we show you the best options for travelers sewing kits so you can solve any emergency or inconvenience of your clothes in just minutes, wherever you are.

1. Embroidex: emergency kit

The sewing kit Embroidex contains useful tools for times of emergency such as a small scissor, a ripper, 12 thread colors, sewing needles, buttons, thimble, threader and a tape measure.

All the materials are perfectly organized in a mini bag Made of semi-leather with closure, foldable and just the size to carry it in your handbag during a trip.

2. Craftster’s Sewing: Sewing kit with manual

In a case similar to a CD case made of resistant nylon. The open sewing kit contains scissors, tape measure, 10 ripper sewing needles, a thimble, pins, threader, six buttons and 12 threads in the most popular colors.

By purchasing this kit you will also get a mini step-by-step guide to solve problems with your seams. Remember to have these types of tools for sewing, unstitching and fix a garment in minutes.

3. Coleman: All terrain kit

If what you are looking for is a small caseColeman has for you its presentation in compact plastic that includes threads in the most used colors, needles, eight buttons, two pressure buttons, pins or safety pins, scissors, thimble and threader.

The case size is ideal for you to carry daily in your backpack or purse, and in case you are away from home you can solve any emergency situation during your trip. This kit can also be a perfect gift for your traveling friend.

4. VelloStar: For quick repairs

VelloStar has for you its kit for emergency sewing repairs where you will find scissors, needles, threader, safety pins, pins, buttons, threader, ripper, tape measure, thimble and 12 threads of different colors.

The tools are organized in a compact zippered case that will allow you to carry it in your backpack or handbag. It is the ideal tool for quick and emergency repairs.