Each of the experiences we share with loved ones, family and friends generate beautiful memories that feed our existence. A great way to preserve these beautiful moments is with photos and videos that give us the opportunity to relive them and share them with others. And so that all the photos and videos on your phone have an excellent quality, here we show you the best tripods compact you can use anytime, anywhere.

1. Tripod for selfies


It is an extendable tripod from 17.5 to 54.0 inches that can be used with both phones and digital cameras. Its structure is robust and is made of strong aluminum.

It is very easy to carry, it allows you the option of remote shooting so you can have your hands free when taking the picture as it has a removable wireless remote shutter release.

2. Flexible frame for Phone


This lightweight and compact device features adjustable octopus-style feet that help capture photos and videos from any angle, even on the move. Provides stability on any surface.

You just need to put it on your pocket and take it anywhere you go. It is very strong and durable to be present in all your great adventures. It is compatible with most smartphones.

3. Sturdy base with collar extensible


It is an extendable tripod that in its upper part has a modification that allows you to rotate the base of the camera between 180º and 360º, allowing you to find the best and most beautiful angle for your shots.

Its pocket size and its remote control through Bluetooth technology allow you to take selfies or group photos easily, from a distance of approximately up to 30 feet.

4. Ring light with base type tripod


This is a tripod that includes a light ring and a weighted base designed to generate greater stability and so that it does not tip over. Additionally, its ring light has 3 colored lighting modes.

In addition to lighting perfectly, it allows you to eliminate all shades unflattering on photos or videos. You can adjust it to meet all your needs.