It removes impurities from your skin and gives it a smooth and healthy appearance.

The urea It is a substance that is found naturally in our body. Its presence on the skin provides benefits in the dermis and epidermis. Thus, it allows a better hydration of our skin and helps in the process of exfoliation. So if the skin of some areas of your body has become hard or dry, you can give it a treatment with urea creams to regenerate it, like the ones shown below:

1. Cream with Urea to 40%


The pure formula This cream is incredibly effective and smooth, making it perfect for all skin types and cases. It also contains urea, tea tree oil, aloe vera and chamomile.

This wonderful cream for the care of your skin is specially formulated to give you unique and fast results. Deeply hydrates and smooths for phenomenal results.

2. Moisturizer for dry skin

It is specially formulated for the most extreme and persistent cases of thick calluses, cracked skin and dry heels. Gives you relief from redness, itching and peeling.

The gel cream with 40% urea repairs, hydrates and softens hands, feet, elbows, knees and more. Despite being a formulated version of intensive care, you can use it every day.

3. Cream for Dry Skin Dermatologically Tested


It is formulated with the ingredients more powerful and therapeutic, including pure tea tree oil, aloe, chamomile extract, and more. Eliminate thick and calloused areas.

Designed for protect your feet By preventing water loss, improving softness, increasing circulation and promoting the growth of new cells and the sensation of cooling.

4. Cream Exfoliating and Moisturizing for the skin

It has a revitalizing formula for body care. It is a powerful scientifically designed gel to help smooth, moisturize the heels and remove thick calluses.

Smooths and breaks down the top layer of skin cells allowing deeper urea penetration. Takes care of repair and rehydrate your skin, leaving it free of residues.