If you are in a hurry for breakfast or you prefer something nutritious, but light, vegan proteins take care of your digestive system, they are high in fiber, they are excellent because they are very low in calories and they also have a rich flavor. We give you 4 so you can have breakfast and fill yourself with energy every morning.

1. PlantFusion: vanilla flavor protein without any artificial ingredients

This vegan protein, has a rich flavor of vanilla and proteins of plant origin; algae, artichokes and peas. It has no artificial colors, gluten or any modified ingredient. If you are looking a full breakfast and you want to get away from proteins that have dairy or nuts, this is the ideal

Approximately for each can of vegan protein It will serve you for 30 servings. You can combine this protein powder with coconut milk, water or even a smoothie. It has more than 4000 sales.

2. Tone it up: vegan protein without calories and with coconut flavor

If you are in a hurry for breakfast in the morning, this vegan protein helps your metabolism be faster, your hair and skin are softer and give your body nutrients. If you are dieting this protein is perfect for you, since it has no calories.

You can mix it with milk, a smoothie or even to cook some desserts. The brand has different flavors like vanilla, chocolate and coconut. The coconut flavor will be perfect for acai bowls.

3. Sakara Life: helps improve digestion and detoxes your body

There are some protein powders that help improve the digestive system, It prevents you from having gases and that your intestines work correctly. This vegan protein is perfect for the digestive system, as well as serving as a detoxifier. It also gives you energy for all your activities.

East package is 10 sachets, so you can do a detox during this time. The flavor is a bit strong for some people, but you can add some frozen fruit for another flavor.

4. Manitoba Harvest: leaves you full for hours to avoid cravings

If you have trouble going to the bathroom or want to improve your digestive system, this vegan protein helps you to go to the bathroom without problems, thanks to its high fiber content. Thanks to this, it is a vegan protein that will make you feel satisfied for more hours and you can eliminate cravings at noon. It is made from organic hemp.

To consume it you can combine it with a juice, yogurt or even to be used in a dessert. When you open it keep it in the fridge so that do not lose any of its properties. It has 4.1 stars.