Currently many people are lactose intolerant or simply looking for an option with more benefits. There are several options of vegetable milk, but not all are the same, as they have different benefits and of course flavors. If you have young children, older adults or you even have a rigid diet to lose weight or you want to lower cholesterol levels, know these vegetable milk that will avoid inflammation, gas and feel lighter.

1. Oat milk: lowers cholesterol and sugar levels

If you are lactose intolerant and looking for a vegetable milk rich in nutrients, oat milk is delicious and has excellent properties. Oatmeal can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, by avoiding fat in your blood. With this it can reduce the levels of sugar in your body, also thanks to its fiber avoids digestive problems and constipation.

This lactose-free milk has a a little thick consistency, ideal for smoothies, bowls and even for cooking or a delicious coffee with milk. This is a 6 pack.

2. Macadamia milk: packed with antioxidants that protect the immune system

This vegetable milk is a powerful antioxidant, which cares for cells from wear and tear and improves the immune system. Some of its properties is that it has calcium, iron, vitamin E and magnesium. It is ideal if you are celiac, because this lactose-free milk is gluten-free. There are vanilla macadamia milk options in case you want to add a sweet twist.

Its flavor is delicious, perfect to consume it every day, it is a milk for anyone who is lactose intolerant, from children and older adults.

3. Coconut milk: prevents inflammation and ulcers

One of the most popular vegetable milks, in addition to having a rich flavor and its thickest conscience, is coconut milk, and it has great benefits for any If you have gastritis or gastric problems, help reduces acids in the gastric mucosa, it’s like a natural lubricant.

It also improves digestion, it is perfect for children to consume it in cereal or in a rich smoothie. It contains ingredients to fill you with energy every day. An excellent choice for lactose intolerant.

4. Rice milk: with flavonoids and perfect to take care of your digestive system

If you have diarrhea, vomiting, or were sick to your stomach, rice milk lubricates and protects the digestive system. It also cares for the heart because this vegetable milk has flavonoids that are antioxidant that prevents cell damage. It has no cholesterol, so if you are looking for an alternative to lower cholesterol.

Its consistency is thick and can be very sweet for certain people. So consider whether you are the ones who like sweet or not. It is a lactose free milk, it doesn’t inflame you.