Do you want to use your laptop comfortably and anywhere? Wireless mice are a very good option to use your computer easily, you just need to place the USB receiver, turn on the mouse and you can now use it on almost any surface and at the distance you want, without being tied with a cable to your laptop .

1. VicTsing

The victsing mouse It has a very modern design, and includes in addition to the classic buttons and wheel, buttons on the sides and a small button to adjust the CPI. Depending on the program in which you are using your mouse, you can adjust your sensitivity in 5 levels, to give you a high precision accessory. This feature is very useful for designers or gamers. It works with an AA battery and has a nano receiver that allows you to use the mouse up to 33 feet away.

It is guide’s best-selling wireless mouse, with more than 25,000 reviews in Amazon. Also, for your current discount its price does not exceed $ 10 and it is highly rated by customers on the page. Available in a variety of colors to suit every personality, customers highlight this compact size of the mouse, which allows it to be carried everywhere, can be used on different surfaces without problem and is good value for money.

2. Logitech

Of the brand LogitechThis mouse is a little bigger than the previous one, ideal for people who need a robust model to have better control. Features an ergonomic design, which fits very well in your hand. In addition to the main buttons and wheel, it has two side buttons and a small LED light that indicates whether it is on. It uses 2 AA batteries and has a USB nano receiver that is stored inside the mouse, to transport it.

With its current great 43% discount, this Logitech mouse is priced under $ 25 and it is available in 3 color options: black, blue and red. In Amazon, customers mention that the laser technology they use is very precise and fast, and that it is a good option due to its price and recognized brand. They also say that it is an ideal model for people with larger hands, it connects very quickly and its batteries last a long time.

3. Logitech

Another model of the brand Logitech, but with a more compact and modern design, andThis wireless mouse stands out for its quiet operation, reducing the noise of the clicks when you use it. It uses 1 AA battery, which can last up to 24 months thanks to its auto-sleep which helps save energy. It includes a nano USB receiver that is stored inside the mouse to transport it.

For your current discount, its price does not exceed $ 20 And this mouse is highly valued by customers. In AmazonThey mention that it is a very quiet mouse, but comfortable when pressing the buttons, ideal for not disturbing people at home, the bookstore, a class and more. They highlight their ergonomic design that fits your hand, the possibility of using it almost on any surface and that the wheel works as a third button, increasing its functionality.

4. Seenda

With a simple design and available in a huge variety of colorsThis Seenda mouse has a compact and ergonomic design. It is also a silent mouse, reducing the noise of the clicks so as not to disturb others. It works with 1 AA battery and thanks to its sleep mode Automatic saves a lot of energy. The Seenda brand offers a lifetime guarantee on its products.

Its about Cheaper mouse, priced under $ 10 and it is also the best rated model, with 4.5 stars. In Amazon, customers mention that it is an ideal mouse to always carry with you and use anywhere, due to its fast connection and silent operation. For its low price, customers say it is an excellent model of wireless mouse, with a good performance on different surfaces, but as a negative point they mention that it does not have an on and off button, so the battery must be removed to transport it.