The amulets are objects to which since ancient times and in different cultures, have been attributed conditions that are responsible for attracting good energies and the good luck, as well as repelling envy and negative energies. Here, we will show you some options of buddhist amulets, which will help you find lighting in you lifetime and they will accompany you wherever you go.

1. amulet Pendant Tibetan Buddhist


This is an amulet designed in the form of a pendant and necklace, with a buddha as the central figure within the piece. It has been handcrafted and completely by hand on st

An option that you can take with you wherever you go, combine with any of your clothes and use it daily. The serene and meditative image of the Buddha fill your life with good energy.

2. Necklace with Kybalion pendant


It is a pendant made of zinc alloy, environmentally friendly and plated with antique silver. The central design of this piece is The Tree of Life, representing the roots extended and intertwined with those above.

Its design is detailed and meticulous, the swirl shape in the center of the tree of life symbolizes Chi energy. It illustrates that everything in life and on earth is interconnected and related.

3. Bracelet of wood


This is a bracelet made with Tibetan prayer beads, with a chain that can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist and is topped with a Chinese metal coin.

You can take it with you daily, in addition to attracting good energy and enlightenment to your life, It is an amulet that transmits peace to you and you can touch each of the beads with your hands to relax.

4. Necklace with Crystal pendant


It is a natural black obsidian pendant, completely hand-carved in the shape of a Buddha head. It is considered a powerful amulet and talisman to be worn by both men and women.

It gives you the strength to support your own convictions against any enemy, protecting you at all times. Eliminate energy blockages, to give life to new purposes and objectives.