The Christmas It is an important date to share with friends and family, to celebrate, and of course, to eat. But it is also time for you to look pretty in a party dress. The problem is that sometimes these garments fail to completely hide the belly; so the best solution is to opt for some body shaper that is not only adequate to conceal your weight, but also manages to enhance your curves adequately without causing discomfort. So take a look at the options below and choose the one that best matches your favorite dress.

1. Girdle mid thigh shaper


It is a girdle designed with cotton, elastane and polyamide fabrics They are soft on contact with the skin. Its mid-thigh design includes a zipper closure with internal hooks, an open bust area and adjustable straps.

This garment is perfect to flatten your abdomen, define your waist and lift your buttocks. You can use it while you work, clean the house or go for a walk, since it fits comfortably without generating discomfort when walking or effort to breathe.

2. Girdle high waist shaper

It is a high waist and shorts shaper that was made with lycra and spandex, fabrics that guarantee a better fit to your curves; and it has a zipper closure that makes it easy to put on.

This garment will help you shape your body by giving it definition to your glutes, flattening your belly and marking your hips. Best of all, you can wear it daily under any garment without having to worry about it being marked.

3. Girdle lycra shaper

It is a belt that has a soft fabric with lycra components in the lining to guarantee a better fit. Likewise, it comes with the top open and with hook closure for you to put it on and take it off easily.

You can use it daily to shape your belly, waist, lift your buttocks and bust. In addition, it is a garment made with flatlock seams, which are perfect for you to use under any tight dress without the risk of it being marked.

4. Girdle seamless molding machine

It is a seamless sash made with three thinning layers of latex, nylon and spandex; soft fabrics that contrast with adjustable and removable straps with cotton supports.

This open bust bodysuit tea helpto keep your tummy under control after childbirth or surgery. It also corrects your posture, relieves back pain and keeps you in shape so that you can use any outfit you prefer without having to worry about the other rubber.