Improve digestion with a cup of tea.

One of the benefits of certain ingredients is that they help improve digestion, with this it prevents you from having constipation and helps you to go to the bathroom without problem. Plus, it helps keep you from feeling bloated or gassy. These teas for digestion have a rich flavor, the best thing is that they do not contain caffeine so that you can drink them after lunch or at dinner.

1. Red tea: acts as a spasmodic and prevents inflammation

One of the benefits of red tea is that it helps prevent inflammation, digestive problems, diarrhea and even controls nausea. Red tea works as an antispasmodic to prevent inflammation. This tea for digestion also helps improve blood sugar levels.

It is a caffeine free tea, ideally you should consume it about 20 minutes after eating. You can consume it cold or hot, but if you ate something to know what causes a lot of inflammation the ideal is hot.

2. Mint tea: speeds up your metabolism to prevent you from feeling bloated or gassy

Peppermint is perfect to prevent you from having a lot of inflammation gas and will make you feel satisfied after lunch or heavy dinner. This digestive tea aids better digestion and even helps speed up metabolism. It is caffeine free and if you feel very strong, you can add a little honey.

If you have gastritis this digestive tea can cburn that burning in the pit of your stomach. Drinking it cold will help the pain ease and you feel immediate relief.

3. Rosemary tea: calms digestive pains and helps lose weight

Rosemary tea, in addition to helping improve digestion, is an infusion that is a powerful antioxidant. Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory It can even help calm certain muscle aches. Being a powerful antioxidant, the immune system helps to take care of your body.

Rosemary tea helps you have the necessary good bacteria in your intestinal tract. Likewise It helps you lose weight, because it accelerates the metabolism and makes you feel satisfied. A very versatile digestion tea.

4. Thyme tea: calms pain and colic

Thyme tea is one of the best teas that will help you if you are in your menstrual period or ate very heavy. Well, it alleviates those pain in the intestines, calms colic and prevents you from becoming inflamed to prevent stomach gas. Is a antispasmodic and natural pain reliever, which helps prevent stomach diseases.

Even if you have stomachThis thyme tea will help relieve diarrhea and pain. Choose to consume it hot so you can relieve it faster.