We all look for ways protect us ourselves and our loved ones of those bad energies that could affect the aura or the spaces where we actively do daily life. For this, there are many options in amulets that we can use at home in or even wear in our outfit, and this time we offer you the best five accessories against the evil eye.

1. Protection ring 925 silver

This beautiful ring has been made in quality 925 sterling silver coated with tarnish resistant coating. This accessory is available in sizes from size 5 to 10.

Its Hamsa design for protection from the evil eye channels good energy and can be combined with all kinds of jewelry. It has been designed to stay in place without slipping so it will be comfortable and safe in your hand all day.

2. Golden tendrils with Hamsa

Tisoro 925 Solid Sterling Silver Tiny Gold Plated Hamsa or Hand of Fatima or Evil Eye Protection Stud Earrings

These small unisex earringsThey represent the Hand of Hamsa and are 35 inches wide. It is super light with a weight of 7 grams. They are quality 925 silver with no nickel, lead or cadmium, making it safe for allergy sufferers.

This accessory in defense of your energies represents a ideal gift for your friend, sister, daughter, mom or special person, sending them not only a great detail but the best protection energies.

3. Turkish Eye Pendant 925 silver

MIZZE Made for Luck Authentic 925 Sterling Silver 10 MM Round Glass Evil Eye Charm Turkish Protection Pendant DIY - 14 Colors to Choose from

This pendant is from transparent blue color with protection against the evil eye. Made of glass with solid colors, this amulet adapts to any type of chain.

You can choose between more than 14 colors of glass and enjoy this beautiful detail that will look cute on you and also give you the protection you need to ward off any bad energy.

4. Silver ring with Blue Eye

Made of quality 925 silver with cubic zirconia, measures 2 millimeters wide with a weight of 1.9 grams.

This beautiful gem has a Turkish eye in the center with blue and silver rhinestones that you can customize even for any special occasion.

5. Turkish Eye Ring gold plated

NUITS DE JUIN Gold Plated Evil Eye Ring for Women - 10k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Open Ring,Eyes Evil Mid Rings for Women,Cool Openable Rings

Manufactured in stainless steel and in contact with the skin is not allergic. It is plated in 10k gold that will not fade in time. It has in its design two beautiful blue eyes with rhinestones.

This ring can be slightly adjusted on the middle, index or ring finger where you decide to use it giving you a touch of elegance and a lot of protection.