Auto tools are indispensable to correct failures that vehicles present unexpectedly. Without them it is almost impossible to adjust what is necessary or to fix the problems inside or outside the home, whether it be changing a tire or checking a fault that prevents the normal operation of the vehicle. That is why having the basic mechanics tools It is extremely important to be prepared for any unforeseen event, and we show it to you here:

1. Lithium starter for gasoline engines

Powerful device or Bank of portable power 12 volt Noco brand with 1000 amp lithium start anti spark technology, with 100 lumen LED flashlight and seven light modes as well as emergency strobe and emergency line. It has a failsafe design.

This tool of only 2.4 pounds, is functional for USB devices, and with it it is possible to charge smartphones and tablets. With polarity protection, it is designed for diesel engines up to 0.79 gallons, as well as ships and other instruments such as a lawn mower. It is also for gas engines up to 1.58 gallons.

2. Portable air compressor for automobile tires

Portable and multipurpose air compressor with four additional nozzles. Universal fit, it is simple and useful technology with a capacity of 150 pounds per square inch (psi) and digital air pump for inflatable vehicle tires. It integrates an LED light to get out of trouble at night. It also has a cable 13 feet long, that is, about 3.9 meters long.

This 120 watt product manufactured by VacLife is from easy use and speed When it comes to supplying air to your car or bicycle tires, as well as to balls, air mattresses, inflatable boats and others. With automatic shutdown, its long power cord makes filling more convenient.

3. Toolkit automatic extraction

This compendium contains 13 different types of tools Eco-friendly, non-toxic, nylon-based cut-outs. It comes with two 12.3 and 8.8 inch staple removers as well as a portable storage bag.

This Mictuning brand toolkit is easy to carry since it only weighs 2.65 pounds. It is essential to trim various accessories to the interior of the vehicle, doors and windows. It has an ergonomic and light design.

4. Hydraulic jack high strength steel

ProLift brand high-strength, low-profile steel hydraulic jack with a range of 3.5 to 14 inch lift, with an integrated safety valve against overloads.

This product with a 30 pound weightIt is designed to prevent excessive pumping, provides greater safety and protection.

5. Cross Key Universal cartman

With a protection center that provides greater resistanceThis 16-inch universal Cartman brand cross wrench with anti-slip lugs is a chrome wrench with 17, 19, 21 and 22 millimeter lugs.

East professional product With a striking blue color, it is from the American seal is ideal for cars, trucks, sports vehicles and much more.