Every day that technology passes brings us new incredible surprises, such as the Apple Watch. This device makes your daily activities easier as it can serve as a personal assistant that is in perfect sync with your other electronics and helps you monitor every moment of your day to day. And to give your Apple Watch the care it requires, take a look at these accessories that are available to you for less than $ 20:

1. Julk: Transparent protective case

Case screen protector. This case fits the screen of your 42mm Apple Watch series 3. High-quality, ultra-thin and transparent design, as well as offering full 360-degree protection.

With this protective case or cover, the screen Your Apple Watch will be more secure, in addition to offering HD viewing.

2. NUKELOLO: Strap and Protective Case

Strap model resistant and protective cover for Apple Watch series number 4, 3/2/1 in all versions. The strap is made of high-quality double-knit nylon material.

If you are looking for a strong and practical set of strap + case protective, this option is ideal for you. Your Apple Watch will have greater security every time you use it.

3. UPSTONE: Waterproof protective screen

Protective screen, adjustable and waterproof for Apple Watch belonging to series 4. You can access and control the buttons and sensors of your device without any problem. Easy to install and with adjustment option.

Your device will be protected at all times with this protective screen, in addition to standing out for its characteristic raincoat that does not allow the passage of moisture, water or other liquid.

4. Heyroy: Flexible ultra-thin shell

Housing model ultrathinTransparent and resistant for Apple Watch belonging to the series 2 of 38 mm and 42 mm. In turn, they have 2 buttons that allow easy viewing and sensor access.

Case transparent Ideal to protect your Apple Watch series 2 device from any scratch or excess moisture that may leak from the environment to your computer.

5. BRG: Sports silicone band

Band of silicone Sporty with shockproof protective case and shell. Compatible with iWatch series 4/3/2/1. Package includes 1 silicone band + 1 protective shell.

Your Apple Watch device will be safe from scratches and bumps with this band model sporty, made with high quality silic