Accessories that will bring the balance you want so much in your life.

The Ying Yang it is a religious and philosophical principle that is based on finding the balance between the opposing forces that are an essential part of the universe. Ying is associated with the feminine, light and earth, while yang is associated with the masculine, darkness and heaven. Both forces complement each other to create a balance; and to attract him to your life, there is no better way than with a accessory that you can incorporate into your outfits, as well as those that we show you here:

1. Set of accessories to balance the energies


This is a set that consists of two necklaces made with stainless steel of high quality that makes them more resistant, durable and hypoallergenic. Its polishing is smooth and helps to preserve the color better.

An ideal choice for couples since both pendants when being together, form the symbol of ying and yang. It is a special and delicate accessory that has a design that matches any outfit.

2. Ying Yang made with stainless steel


This is a beautiful necklace made with stainless steel, a material that gives it a lot of durability, resistance to scratches, rust and wear. A piece of jewelry made under the highest quality standards.

It can be used by both ladies and gentlemen thanks to its design unisex. It is an ideal accessory to complement any garment in your wardrobe and bring balance to your life.

3. Pendant with gold chain

A pendant made with a zinc alloy and enamel that has been gold plated which gives it a beautiful, very shiny finish. It is a jewel that does not produce any type of allergic skin reaction.

Its delicacy and elegance make this piece an accessory attractive and durable With a design it makes it stand out with any garment. It can be your everyday companion as a piece that you display on special occasions.

4. Ring sterling silver

A symbol of ying yang that has been designed on an ideal scale to show off in this sterling silver ring. It is a piece handmade with materials of the highest quality.

Its shiny finish, original design and style make it suitable for daily use. Your hands stand out with this beautiful jewel You can even combine it with another accessory to give a more daring twist to your everyday look.

5. Necklace to find the Balance


It is a pendant made of solid and robust stainless steel that makes it very resistant to wear and rust stains. The extendable chain features a shiny finish and features a lobster clasp.

An accessory minimalist and elegant that has a representation of a symbol associated with spirituality, duality and the balance of all the elements in the universe.