A decorative element that will help you keep everything in order.

Every lover of reading and books, you know that organizing them at home can become a problem. However, like any problem, we can find infinite solutions. One of the most practical solutions are overhead shelves, which you can locate anywhere and allow you to have your entire library organized. Here we show you the best models:

1. Floating Shelves different sizes


These overhead U racks are functional and attractive alike. Made from durable MDF laminate, with a beautiful express finish that fits almost any d├ęcor.

They are easy to assemble and they come with all the necessary implements for their installation. These shelves offer you a functional and decorative solution to order your books in any space of your house.

2. Floating Shelves with Express Finish


This set of 3 display shelves U-shaped are made of MDF, very easy to install in a few minutes. You have a large shelf, a medium shelf, and a small shelf.

You can hang the set of three to create a library, organize all your books and have them within reach for your reading moments in the space you want within your home.

3. Set of 2 Asymmetric Decorative Shelves


These decorative floating shelves are functional and attractive alike. It adapts to almost all decorations and is ideal to install in any of the rooms to organize your books.

You can install it very quickly and easily, creating a space organizational and versatile in the environment you decide to locate it. It is the way to have your favorite books within reach.

4. Wall Shelves Solid wood


The supports wood and metal They make the shelves super sturdy to hold your favorite books. These three shelves with their dimensions offer you adequate storage space.

They feature a torch finish that adds a challenge style to any room where you install it, and they help you take advantage of space in a small room and store your books elegantly.

5. Floating Shelves with metal bars


They are floating shelves of simple design Constructed of solid Paulownia wood boards and powder-coated metal stands, perfect for displaying and holding your books.

Very useful for you to add additional space In your home environments, organize your books and maximize storage. Its rustic style adds an extra touch to your decoration.

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