Enjoy a year full of success.

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more organized or you are one of those who plan and write is essential, we look for beautiful 2020 agendas. Some have extra accessories such as stamps, rules and it has a cover for those who like color or those who they prefer a simple color. A 2020 agenda is an idea for an excellent gift. Enjoy a year full of success.

1. 2020 agenda with monthly and weekly organizer with phrases to motivate you

This is a 2020 agenda for those who like to have everything organized by month and by week. Comes with excellent space to write day by day. It has some motivational phrases to see daily. In the monthly calendar you can see the holidays, so you can organize your breaks and holidays.

Is a hardcover agenda, with a flower design, are 134 pages. Ideal for college or work.

2. 2020 Agenda with stamps, post it, ruler and a small pocket

If you love putting notes in your calendar and reminders, this is the calendar for you. It is an agenda that begins in November 2019, it is hard, It has monthly and weekly sections. It has a small pocket for you to keep papers, tickets or reminders. It has stamps, a ruler and sticky notes so you can organize everything.

There are more than 20 designs, to suit your style. An excellent gift for those who love order or even the most forgetful.

3. Monthly and annual skin type minimalist agenda

This 2020 agenda is much more formal and minimalist. They have an annual, weekly planner and they have enough space for you to write. When you close this 2020 agenda you will be able to see marks so you know where you left your earrings written. It is very light, it measures 5.7 ″ x 8.5 ″.

In the part of behind it has blank sheets, so you can add annotations. It is an ideal 2020 agenda for a gift, since it comes in a box.

4. Agendas to monitor your goals every month and with stamps

With a beautiful design, colors, prints and a good organizer they help make your whole year in order. This 2020 agenda is hardcover and is 10 ″ x 8 ″ in size. Every month you can set goals you want to meet, you can monitor them, also write on extra white sheets. It has a very fun design, ideal for those who colorful is their thing.

This trade mark have 2 different designs, but inside they are identical. It is perfect to organize the year without boredom.

5. 2020 agenda with an elegant and minimalist style

This 2020 agenda is an excellent gift for those who like a basic and minimalist design. They can organize the year, month and week. It’s a not so bulky size it’s 5.6 ’’ × 8.2 ’’. It includes stamps so you don’t forget anything and its design is very simple. This made of faux leather, so it gives a touch of elegance.