For us to enjoy good health Throughout our days to come, we need to have a healthy diet and cook dishes that provide nutrients and vitamins ours organism. However, it does not have to be considered a sin to taste one food that is fried or that has a little more saturated fat than normal; However, it is good that you keep in mind other cooking methods to apply it to your daily, weekly or monthly food and create a much more balanced diet.

Although it is true that currently there are different kitchen utensils and home appliances that work with the latest technology, not all offer the same advantages and benefits when preparing recipes or foods very elaborate to ingest in our day to day. Your best bet is to take a look at the overviews of each of these devices and see if they really fit the diet you plan to follow and the lifestyle you aspire to lead with.

The benefits of starting a healthier and more balanced diet will not only be reflected in your physical appearance in general, but also in your rhythm of life that you carry and the amount of energy that you conserve at the end of each day. It is important to keep in mind that there are many ways to continue enjoying delicious flavors in your daily recipes, but without resorting to the excesses that can affect your Health very negatively.

One of the main challenges you can face on your way to a healthier life is if you are a great lover of fried foods and you want to show off a figure more in line with your weight, age and height. The first thing you should do in these cases is to carefully check which appliances are best suited to your needs. You will not be forced to give up your favorite fried foods completely, but you would have the possibility of minimizing fat from food and enjoying healthier options, without neglecting the crispness and flavor that you like so much.

That is why here we bring you one of the most effective, reliable and safe for this, how are the air fryers; a practical utensil that will be your best ally when cooking all kinds of food you want to fry. Below we will present you a list with the best 5 high machines technology to fry what you want that will allow you to prepare your favorite foods in a delicious and healthy way alike.

1. Fryer with crusader air

It has a cross air technology that eliminates up to 85% of the fats that food presents when frying. This fryer is made of ceramic material that gives it greater resistance to wear and tear over time.

It also features a useful and smart touch screen With LED light that facilitates its handling when leveling the different temperatures that will serve to fry many foods such as meats, vegetables, among others. An easy device to use since its cooking system does not represent greater complexity.

You can cook without using as much, or no oil, as its function with hot air it leaves the meals with the same delicious flavor as the dishes made in a pan with oil. Ideal to prepare from breakfast, lunch or dinner during the week.

2. Circular tray with non-stick coating

Is fryer machine With a hot air system, it leaves the food crispy and delicious with less amount of fat than a normal fryer. Its circulated air technology is responsible for surrounding any type of food until they cook evenly with excellent and reliable speed.

You will not have to use too many liters of oil to leave food with a crispy topping The same as in a restaurant, since a tablespoon of oil is enough to brown your favorite dishes on the outside, in addition to splashing will be less avoiding unwanted accidents.

Made with high quality resistant material and a non-stick coating which makes cooking easier. Its intelligent LCD screen is ideal for keeping track of temperatures as well as the general configuration of your hot air system.

3. Device with programmable function

It has a cutting-edge technology It can be seen from its LCD touch screen that makes it easy to control and manage your hot air system to cook different foods and leave a delicious crispy coating on the surface. Anyone can fry various meats or vegetables without using large amounts of oil.

This appliance features a modern black color design that adds elegance to its overall look. Your screen works with a programmable menu and some kitchen presets that serve to maintain a necessary order when cooking many recipes and avoid unwanted stumbles.

Its cooking timer works effectively and can last up to 30 minutes, allowing a more comfortable range for frying meats and vegetables at this time. It also has a useful non-stick surface which saves us time taking pieces of food off the tray to enjoy even more of the fried food in a nice presentation.

4. Control panel with cooking temperature

An easy operation system in which you only have to adjust the temperature levels and accommodate the meats or vegetables you want to fry. It also has a sturdy knob and multifunctional that can serve as support during the cooking process. This fryer is certified to create a crisp, delicious look to all foods without toxins or large unhealthy amounts of oil.

Your control of knots and touches It totally facilitates the preparation of any meat or vegetable in a short time. You can enjoy fries with the same delicious flavor as always, but much healthier thanks to its hot air system that fries in a healthy way and reduces the amount of fat in food.

Ideal to start a more balanced and low fat diet. This fryer can be washed in the dishwasher and it is easy to disassemble. Modern design and made of resistant materials that last over time.

5. Compact fryer with touch screen

Food frying machine in a healthier way that reduces fat by up to 85% less than conventional fryers.

Easy to use, this electric fryer works with a touch system that allows you to adjust the temperature level to your personal taste, in addition to having 7 presets of hot air that will leave any food with a golden crispy cover on the outside and a soft and tender interior to taste.

Ideal for preparing more food healthy and light. Its compact size allows it to be accommodated on any surface you have in your kitchen.