It is necessary to maintain good hygiene in the fridge so that the food is kept in good condition, and thus avoid possible health problems. But if you open your fridge and it gives off a odor unpleasant from decomposing foods, cheeses or spills, is a clear sign that you need a cleaning. For these cases there are air purifiers that manage to block bad odors and eliminate toxins from the environment to prolong the life of your food. Take a look at these options:

1. Purifier charcoal

It is a purifying charcoal bag that is made of safe material, without fragrances or toxins that harm our health or the environment. It is a reusable product which is recharged in sunlight and has a prolonged use of up to two years.

Its function is to keep food fresh, since if you use them in the fridge it absorbs the humidity that can generate mold or bacteria. It also blocks gases emitted from paints, furniture, carpets, chemical or plastic cleaners, thus keeping the environment of your home cool.

2. Air purifier with zeolite

It is a certified zeolite formula that eliminates bad odors that occur in the fridge. And thanks to its compact leak-proof design, it guarantees long-lasting performance between 6 and 12 months, without recharging or maintenance.

This purifier instantly neutralizes the origin of strong odorsKeeps food fresh longer, removes excess moisture, and prevents growing mold. Also, it comes in a small container that is protected against spills, so you can discreetly place it anywhere and you can move it to work in different sections.

3. Purifier natural activation

Naturally activated carbon purifier for up to 6 months that works to absorb, eliminate and neutralize strong odors. It is a molded product that does not produce fragrances or powder, which is safe for food, people, and pets.

Comes with a compact design with retention case that you can adapt to small places like the freezer, refrigerator, garbage cans, cupboards or gym bags to maximize the absorption of bad odors.

4. Purifier penguin

This air purifier made of plastic and silicone, It has a penguin design that is sure to be perfect in your fridge. It has the function of a container to add baking soda or lemon.

Since they are components that manage to absorb efficiently and in a matter of hours the unwanted odors that remain in the freezer, refrigerator or champagne, even after frequent cleaning.

5. Air freshener lemon and baking soda

It is an air freshener made of plastic with BPA intervention, which comes with a unit that you can fix on the wall of the fridge or on any support or built-in shelves. It measures approximately 4 by 4 inches.

You can use it to place a lemon or baking soda, since these ingredients absorb bad odors and generate a fresh aroma. Although, you can also mix them with water to thoroughly clean all surfaces.

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