Our car, like our house, it is one of the assets that we must protect and ensure. Having insurance is sometimes very expensive; however, we can have devices specially designed to protect your vehicle from robberies, and make you feel more insurance and confident, like the ones we present below:

1. Monojoy: Steering Wheel Lock


It has a solid body of hardened steel For superior cut resistance, an unbreakable lock and cannot be cut. Stops theft of keyless entry.

It makes your car virtually impossible for someone to rip you off. It is very easy to manipulate and place on the steering wheel, it automatically locks. When you don’t use it, you store it under the seat.

2. Blueshyhall: Steering Wheel Locking Device

It has a lock design in three directions: the steering wheel is locked on the left side, on the right side and in the direction of the airbag. It is suitable for most thick cover steering wheels.

The lock handle is covered by high quality PU leather, with handmade stitching, giving it a look of high quality and durability in the hot summer. It can be folded away for storage when not in use.

3. Oklead: Universal Steering Wheel Lock


Car steering wheel lock fits most vehicles with steering wheels up to 17 inches. his steering lock anti-theft automatic has an extensible bar made of tempered steel.

It is compact and lightIn addition to providing security to your car, it allows you to store it easily and comfortably, in a foot space or under the driver’s seat.

4. Blueshyhall: Security lock bar

It is made of steel and aluminum alloy. It has double vinyl lining, construction of hardened steel and manufacture of aluminum alloys and inorganic locking beam teeth.

It is suitable for most car steering wheels, it gives you high security and resistance to manipulation. Protect your vehicle lock and also protect you.

5. Disklok: Full Deck for Steering Wheel Lock


It is the strongest steering wheel immobilizer that gives you the better protection. Its patented design turns on attack, avoids steering, protects the air bag and prevents keyless entry theft.

Fits all cars with steering wheels that measure between 13.7 ″ and 15.3 ″. It comes with three keys, an official sticker for the window and above all, with peace of mind for you and security for your vehicle.