When it comes to convenience, comfort, speed and quality in the kitchen, it is important to choose the best tools and kitchen items to facilitate that moment of preparing the best recipes for you, family or friends when they are visiting. Good dishes to serve, good pots to cook and any other extra element are vital for those of us who love having the latest cooking trends.

Sometimes, we propose to cook a recipe in which one of the ingredients takes its cooking time, so for help speed up times in the area it is necessary to use the new wonders of the kitchen, such as automatic pots or pressure that were designed to facilitate our work in the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, a magnificent idea that occurred to the Anglo-French physicist Denis Papin, who in 1979 released these types of pots that were initially known as “Steam Digester”. Since then, the boiling point, the increasing pressure and a hermetic seal have helped cook those foods that require a special process, so that they can then be consumed in record time. In these pots the water boils at a higher temperature And by increasing this, food cooks faster so your recipes will be ready when you want, without having to wait too long.

And honoring this magnificent culinary instrument, here we recommend some options that you can have at home to make your life much easier.

1. 7 in 1 multifunction pressure cooker stainless steel

A pressure cooker designed to have the speed you need in the kitchen, and to have all your recipes on time. Works with the latest technology and it has been created with stainless steel material which makes it resistant to rust. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge, steamed, to sauté and also as a yogurt maker. Cooking times with its high pressure allows food to cook quickly.

You can even use this pot to heat milk for pasteurization and fermentation, resulting in delicious yogurt. Temperature adjusts to limits desired for the type of food you are going to cook.

2. Crock-Pot pot in red

This Crock-Pot pot in red color is a nice kitchen tool that helps you cook your food faster and more effectively. Supports up to a six pound capacity. It measures approximately 15 or 10 inches and it has handles that facilitate its grip. You can vary their temperature levels for different types of cooking. It has a dishwasher safe lockable glass lid as long as it is handled carefully.

With this pot you can cook your food quickly and safely and these are kept sealed in the pot during the process. It has a connection to activate with the current. And when the cooking time is complete, you can enjoy all those divine recipes that you have prepared.

3. Automatic pot Hamilton Beach

Making life easier is the main goal of the Hamilton Beach pot. It has a high, low temperature setting and keeps all your food warm. This pot saves you time and energy by allowing you to make delicious meals. Its presentation is matte black, which gives a modern touch to the classic kitchen tool. Oval-shaped bowl is the perfect size For cooking a 3-pound chicken or a 2-pound roast, it’s transparent, allowing you to get a good look at the food you’re cooking. With this pot you only need to add the ingredients and let it do the rest.

Enjoy the best cooking recipes prepared in this magnificent pot that will allow you to enjoy with your family and friends the more exquisite dishes and that you can taste in record time using temperature settings. Also, it is a beautiful pot that will look cute in your kitchen because it is elegant.

4. Calphalon pot with stopwatch for cooking

This Calphalon pot has a timer to have the mastery of the exact cooking of food. It has a nice and elegant design with gray color with black cover. It has a screen where you can view and control cooking time. It also comes with a round silver colored knob that can be located at desired cooking levels. Its handles allow the pot to be easily grasped and can be placed anywhere, even when hot.

When it comes to cooking your food quickly and well done so that you can taste the best quality, then consider among your options the Calphalon pot that has been designed to prepare those recipes that need to be processed quickly and then enjoy a succulent dish with your guests.

5. Mini Slow cooking pot by Crock-Pot

This beautiful and elegant mini pot has a white design with black stripes. It is an excellent option for when you need slow cooking of your food. It has a transparent lid with handles and a click system that is unbuttoned so that you can take out the preparations. It is optimal for prepare stews, sauces and other types of recipes that require a slow time to be ready.

With this pot you can cook appetizers, main dishes, desserts and much more, all with exquisiteness and style. You can set the temperature between high, low and warm, its lid is safe so no flavor will escape from your food. When it comes to cooking we must always have all the necessary elements on hand so that you can comfortably prepare your family recipes or those new ones that you want to experiment and even create, because that’s what cooking is all about; from create, enjoy and be able to taste the best dishes.