Forget about dead controls and disposable batteries.

In our home we have a lot of devices that operate from a control, and these controls in turn work with batteries. The constant use that we give them, makes these batteries deserve to be replaced or charged continuously. So that you save money and you should not be replacing batteries all the time, we show you the best ones below Battery chargers that you must have at home.

1. Tenergy: Charger AAA battery

This charger that allows you to charge up to 8 batteries at the same time, it is ideal for AA batteries of less than 2000mAh and AAA batteries of less than 800mAh. You can charge any number of batteries in any of the 8 slots.

Is he best charger Used in homes that require many batteries, replace single-use batteries with rechargeable batteries for your standard-use devices.

2. EBL: Battery Charger with LCD screen

Is a free charging device that allows you to charge between 1 and 10 batteries. It has an intelligent LCD screen that indicates the complete charging process for AA and AAA batteries, the LED light indicates the 9V charge.

his detection technology Battery Activates automatically when the battery is fully charged. It includes intelligent protection against overheating, overcurrent and short circuits.

3. EastShine: Battery Charger Universal Smart

It has the ability to load 4 batteries simultaneously, each of the four battery slot monitors charges independently. It has an optimized loading design.

This charger automatically detects the state of battery power, selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode accordingly. I know automatically stop when the upload is complete so you don’t have to be aware of the process

4. Bonai: Charger Universal Batteries

Has slot multifunction Charging that can randomly charge up to 4 batteries at the same time. Through its LCD screen you can observe the battery charging process directly.

Its charging time is Super fastIt is up to 5 times faster than normal charging time. The special design of the protective cover, can well protect children and pets.

5. Tenergy: Charger Smart with LCD screen

This smart battery charger offers you 16 different channels that allow you to charge any combination of rechargeable cells. Its LCD panel shows you the charging status individually.

his smart technology Provides protection to your batteries against overcharges and more; Likewise, the 8-hour security protection will help you save energy and extend the life of your batteries.