A decorative and generous element with nature.

If you are lover of nature, surely you know that there is nothing better than waking up to the songs of the birds in the mornings. Having these small animals around your house will not only give you a relaxing and calm environment, it will also improve your environment in an ecological way. A good way to attract birds to your patio is with food, and that is why this time we show you the best feeder models with which you can feed them and make them happy, while they comfort you with their presence.

1. Feeder with roof and water drainage

This feeder has been manufactured with high quality acrylic, and it has a protector that makes it resistant to UV rays so that the birds can eat peacefully. It can hang on the wall because it has four large, strong suction cups.

Comes with two compartments so you can put two types of seeds or foods inside them and thus feed our happy friends.

2. Bird feeder antibacterial

This feeder has been made with a design of polycarbonate tube Weather resistant and has a powder coated metal alloy and polypropylene fittings that will not rust.

This bird feeder is covered with a antibacterial solution to kill the growth of bacteria, and thus protect you and the birds.

3. Bird feeder with metal hangers

With this bird feeder you will give access to seeds for your birds. It is squirrel proof and has a metal hook to hang from anywhere you want at home.

With a nice design and four exits For the food of your birds, this feeder will keep your friends well fed and chanting the best natural melodies.

4. Bird feeder with window

Designed with windows to outdoors, This bird feeder has been made of transparent acrylic that allows you to appreciate the beauty of birds. It has a removable tray that makes it easy to clean with a damp towel and drainage holes for the seeds to dry.

It is a nice design that will decorate your garden with the unique beauty of each little bird that will come to visit you every day while you observe it.

5. Bird feeder double level

This bird feeder has been designed with two compartments so that all ports are active with the food of the birds. It comes with a circular perch that allows birds to feed from all angles.

It is ideal to feed the birds that will thank you with their songs in your garden. This dining room can house up to 2 pounds of seed.