The 5 best blenders to prepare natural and healthy smoothies

Start the day with a delicious and healthy natural smoothie.

One of the many ways to enjoy the benefits offered by fruits is to prepare them in delicious healthy smoothies. You can take them for breakfast, as a snack or even take them to work. To prepare your own natural smoothies at home you only need a good blender that allows you to process food quickly and conserve all its nutrients, such as the options that we show you below:

1. Ninja: 72 oz professional blender


Ninja brand professional blender 72 oz. Features a design Elegant and outstanding 100 watts of power. It offers perfect crushing, mixing, mashing and controlled processing of ice and frozen fruit in just seconds.

This professional blender features blades High quality that allow crushing all kinds of frozen or natural fruit until you get a healthy smoothie mix.

2. Oster: Professional 700 Watt Power Blender


Oster brand professional blender 700 watt power to crush, mix and pulverize all kinds of fruits in just seconds. Made of strong stainless steel. In turn, it has 16 speeds to level according to your needs.

What stands out most about this blender is its resistance and speed to process the fruits at the moment. You can prepare all the fruit and tropical smoothies you want in a short time.

3. Oster: 1200 watt professional power blender

Oster brand professional blender with 1200 watts of power. It has a technology of blades 3.5 ”doubles for a better mix. Its dimensions are 14.25 ″ x 7.25 ″ x 8 ″.

The effect of the double blade that has this resistant and effective blender, allows to obtain a better smoothie from fruit juices and smoothies.

4. Hamilton Beach: Professional blender 3 in 1


Professional blender with 3-in-1 option, which has a Quick and precise food processor, in addition to a traveling glass. Includes 3 year warranty.

If you are looking for a blender made of high quality material quality, this Hamilton Beach brand model stands out as a recommended option in the market. Shreds and mixes with great skill by its professional blades.

5. NutriBullet: Multifunction blender

NutriBullet professional blender, which has a fast and effective processor 600 watt power supply. Includes electric base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat sheet, 1 emulsifying sheet, 2 covers and manual with recipes.

This blender pulverizes, crushes and mixes with great efficiency of results until obtaining smoothies of protein nutritious to your liking.