Balance the tone of your skin and cover any imperfection with these products.

The makeup It is a tool that we generally use to highlight our natural features and make us look more beautiful according to trends. However, it is also an excellent alternative for cover blemishes on our skin or those marks and stains that we want to erase. That is why there are bases makeup bodily, that have high levels of coverage and that can hide bruises, scars, spots and any other imperfections. Take a look at the options below and choose the best one for you:

1. Body makeup Dermablend

It is a body makeup with medium to full coverage and with sunscreen. It is perfect for covering scars, varicose veins, spider veins, stretch marks, bruises and other blemishes.

Its finish is light and natural look, and its tones are faithful to all skin tones. You only have to apply a thin layer, let it dry and develop the coverage according to your needs.

2. MAC: Base for body and face


Is a liquid base of makeup designed to be applied to your body and face. It is available in a wide variety of shades to perfectly match your skin.

You just have to apply a thin layer and spread evenly over the area you are applying makeup. It is a solution very practical when you are going to wear an article of clothing that reveals an unwanted area.

3. Liquid base for body makeup


It is a light base of water gel that you can use on the face and body. Provides you with full coverage with a natural, moist glow to make your skin look radiant.

Very easy to use, since you only have to apply a small amount to the area you want to apply makeup and then let it dry. Gives you skin with a toned look natural and uniform.

4. Makeup of Camouflage of blemishes


It is a calming makeup, with natural appearance and in a liquid cream presentation designed to hide all skin blemishes, including surgical and acne scars.

It gives you a staying power of up to 12 hours. It also includes sunscreen to protect your skin while putting makeup on. It has been developed by surgeons and dermatologists.

5. Corrector Professional make up


It gives you clear skin through the use of natural ingredients, while giving you a healthy, shiny and radiant complexion. his fine and light texture makes the skin breathe freely.

Provides a perfect coverage even in thin layers. It is the perfect concealer for scars, tattoos, unpleasant spots and any other imperfection that you want to cover on your skin.