One of the greatest pleasures after a tiring day is taking a long shower to relax and pamper ourselves. However, during this process it is very important that we try to clean and hydrate our skinThis is accomplished using the right products. If you are looking for one, here are some options that will help you have a skin nourished and healthy.

1. Body lotion with fresh scent

Botanic Heart is an organic body soap made from tea tree oil, a perfect ingredient for condition the skin. Its patented formula deeply removes all the fungi and bacteria responsible for the bad smell.

Because its ingredients are natural, you can use it in everything your body without fear of causing an allergic reaction. It will leave an incredible aroma and you will feel renewed.

2. Moisturizing liquid soap oats

Liquid soap hypoallergenic and hydrating which is made entirely from oats. It is a product recommended by dermatologists since it has a formula that contributes to the health and nutrition of the skin.

This cream has a very smooth and creamy texture, ideal for dry skin and sensitive. It will cleanse all impurities and give relief from itching and irritation.

3. Treatment for more skin soft

It is a home treatment consisting of three liquid soaps made from coconut milk and jasmine petals, these exclusive ingredients help nourish your skin and give it an exquisite and refreshing aroma.

This is a product that will cleanse your skin without removing the natural barrier or altering its pH. It will make your bath time a moment to pamper your skin and relax.

4. Bath gel to restore the natural moisture

A bath gel made with coconut oil, tiare essence and vanilla extract. It has a creamy texture that penetrates skin tissues and helps restore its natural moisture. It is available in a presentation of 577 ml.

It will help you rejuvenate your skin, leaving it softer and with a delicious aroma. Its patented formula helps improve elasticity of the dermis and to regain its natural shine.

5. Natural formula to remove all impurities

This is a soap made with natural products that is made with a formula free of fragrances, preservatives and chemicals. A treatment highly recommended by medical for sensitive, dry and inflamed skin.

It is made with essential ingredients that strengthen skin cells and helps restore it. In addition, its patented formula helps to eliminate all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi without altering the natural pH of the skin.