Take care of the health of your skin and protect it with these soaps.

In the summer, with high temperatures and humidity, it is usual for skin and nails are more prone to the appearance of mushrooms. One way to prevent these conditions is to maintain good body hygiene by taking anti-fungal measures in the hottest times of the year, with creams or special soaps, like the ones we show you below:

1. Bar antifungal soap

It is a bar of antifungal soap that is composed with a concentrated formula of tolnaftate, an ingredient that treats the infected area and prevents the appearance of new infections.

Among the fungal problems it addresses are athlete’s foot, ringworm, and ringworm. Also, it comes with a practical safety case to keep it away from toiletries.

2. Anti fungal soap with essential oils

It is a liquid anti-fungal formula that contains tea tree oil, aloe vera, vitamins and seaweed, ingredients that nourish, calm and heal athlete’s foot, itchy groin, nail fungus, acne and body odor.

It is a product that relieves and prevents future infections, Making it ideal for people who frequent the gym, play team sports or suffer from skin irritation, since they are more prone to these conditions.

3. Natural soaps with sulfur

It is a package of two bars of antifungal soaps that are made of pure sulfur without perfumes or dyes. An indispensable ingredient to guarantee the prevention and elimination fungi, microbes and bacteria that lodge in the nails and the skin.

Among the infections it attacks are ringworm versicolor, tinea flava, pityriasis versicolor and furfuraceous dermatomycosis that usually occur on the feet, hands, arms, crotch, chest and back.

4. Moisturizing soap with tea tree oil

It is an antifungal soap for the body made with tea tree oil, an ingredient that gives a feeling of cleanliness and relief in the areas affected by bacteria and fungi, while deeply hydrating the skin irritated by the infection.

It is a natural fast-acting formula that offers multiple benefits, including its fight against athlete’s foot, joca itch, eczema and foot fungus. So it is a perfect product that you can include in your daily cleaning routine, especially if you frequent public baths, gyms and swimming pools.

5. Anti fungal soap mint

This anti-fungal soap is formulated with rosemary, mint, aloe vera and organic tea tree, coconut, jojoba and olive oils, each of these ingredients are essential to achieve combat infectious problems that occur on the skin.

This therapeutic product contains healing properties that hydrate and calm the dermis To combat nail fungus, eliminate body odor, itchy groin, athlete’s foot, and yeast infections. It is also ideal for acne on the back or chest, as it cures and repels bacteria.