The bed It is a piece of furniture that is essential in any room since in addition to providing you with a good night’s sleep, it is an essential requirement for you to have years of good mental and physical health because it is a structure designed so that the body can rest properly. But this is achieved only with the combination of a firm base, a perfect element for people who need more rigidity and stability during their rest.

As is the case of the box spring, which are bases that come already manufactured and are made of resistant materials such as metal, wood or any other material that provides a firm structure that matches springs that are normally covered with a finish. padded, an essential feature to have a surface that naturally adapts to the movement of your body. These bases can also have split or folding layouts that are perfect if you live in an apartment or in a small space.

Although the main characteristic that you should keep in mind before choosing a base for your bed is to make sure that you mattress and the box spring are opposite, this means that if the mattress is soft and the base must be totally firm or vice versa. This is a way to achieve a Balance between the functions of each piece and the benefits they provide so that you get a complete rest every time you get ready to rest on them.

You should also take into account the size of the room, because even if you dream of a bed with extra large measures this will not be possible if you have little space. The idea is that your bed has at least 30 centimeters free so that you can move comfortably while you sleep. Height is also an indispensable requirement because the mattress thickness must be added to the size of the base, however this aspect can be varied since everything depends on the preferences of each person.

Something very sure is that currently you can find multiple bases with different features to which you must pay attention so that you diminish or enhance the attributes of your mattress and in this way you get a perfect bed for you. This is the reason why you should keep reading to discover the following list dedicated to the best 5 box spring by less than $ 200.

1. Horizontal slats with cloth cover

This box spring base has a durable steel It combines with horizontal slats distributed on its surface to guarantee greater resistance and longevity to the entire structure. It also features a fabric top and bottom cover that is attached to 2 pieces to ensure full coverage. This design is available in 6 different sizes and the kit includes tools for its assembly.

This box spring bed comes with a technology that is based on a firm structure, stable and solid which is an essential feature so that your body receives all the support it needs at bedtime. And it has the benefit that it adapts to all needs regardless of your weight and without causing wear and tear on movements. Although it is recommended that you combine this base with a spring mattress so that you achieve a complete and restful level of rest.

2. Mattress base with raised frame

This box spring base comes with a sturdy frame constructed with steel material that is supported by horizontal cross panels in rows to keep the mattress firm at night. It also has an outer frame measuring 13 by 25 millimeters, reinforced with a 3-millimeter steel wire and with legs that have dimensions of 16 by 31 millimeters. With the purchase of this piece you can choose between different sizes available to adapt it to the mattress of your choice.

It is a frame that installs easily without the need for tools, it has the ability to support a weight of up to 250 pounds, and offers a vertical space under the bed of 13 inches. So you can easily install it in the guest room or in your own bedroom, as it adapts easily and instantly to internal spring, memory foam or latex mattresses.

3. Higher performance design with folding steel

It is a box spring base that is built with a steel frame folding with robust horizontal blades to ensure firm and strong support. It comes with 2 pieces of fabric on the top that have zippers for full coverage of the entire structure, making it easy to remove for cleaning. Its depth is between 5 to 9 inches and you can choose between different sizes.

This frame guarantees you a solid, strong support and a higher performance than other similar options. These are all features you need so you can sleep comfortably whenever you need it. But it also gives you multiple benefits related to the base, such as firmness and the necessary combination of softness that are distributed in the different areas of your body, which will be very noticeable when sleeping.

4. Metal frame with wooden boards

This traditional box spring is made with a metal base resistant 8 inches high, which in turn is reinforced with wooden slats distributed throughout the entire structure. These guarantee easy assembly, better mattress support and a functional appearance. It is available in Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes.

If you do not have the combination of a good mattress and a firm base to sleep this can cause a lot of stress in the long run and greatly affect your efficiency during the day. That is why this base is a fundamental option for you to rest quietly and repair your health in general, since it is possible to adapt to your needs so that you can wake up fresh and with a lot of energy after a good rest.

5. Box spring of stainless steel

This box spring base has a 9-inch profile and has a sturdy stainless steel which guarantees good support and comfort at all times. It is a classic and functional piece with a quick-lock hitch that is perfect for mattresses with upper profiles.

This base provides you with the support you need to achieve a complete rest. Its manufacture with horizontal bars as additional support manage to adapt in the best way to your mattress and this at the same time allows it to be more comfortable for your body and adapt better to each movement during sleep. Likewise, it has metal trolleys attached to facilitate the movement of this base whenever you want without having to make a great effort every time you want to relocate your bed.