An intimate garment that will make you feel sexy and fresh at the same time.

The girdles They are the best allies of women when it comes to achieving a more stylized figure. But many garments of this type can produce tiredness and sweating; that is why when looking for a girdle it is always important that it allows you to stay dry and fresh. Therefore, we have chosen five designs of girdles breathable They are perfect for everyday use.

1. Shaping girdle high waist

Of a deep black color, this girdle provides a double control which adds volume to the waist and reduces the belly. It is made with an elastic fabric and has a four steel spiral closure that allows you to keep the correct posture.

The girdle adapts to all types of bodies and due to its ergonomic design, it allows you to carry out all kinds of activities without being uncomfortable. A garment capable of withstanding the demands of a round of intense exercises and keep staying cool.

2. Type reducing garment shorts

Designed with nylon and lycra fabric so that it can expand and adapt to the shape of your body. Its way pant style Short allows you to cover to the waist, keeping constant pressure on those areas to make them flatter.

It comes in skin color so you can wear it under your clothes without being noticed. A garment that allows you to shape your figure while giving you keeps cool.

3. Elegant belt to shape the body

Made with nylon and elastane, this girdle is a very good quality It has a smooth system that gives you a good air flow in the skin to prevent perspiration. Its stretch shape allows it to adapt to your body without problems.

his black color And its high cut style allows it to shape areas of your body such as the belly and abdomen to give you a slimmer figure. You will be able to use this girdle with tight clothing, having the complete security that you will not sweat or be noticed underneath it.

4. Design with round neck

A beautiful body in black it can be useful as an internal belt or for external use. It has a round neck design that perfectly molds your body and is made of an elastic, silky, comfortable and breathable fabric.

You can find it in black and beige colors, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Shapes your figure and at the same time allows you to feel fresh and comfortable, without losing glamor at all.

5. Training bodysuit whole body

A garment that has been designed to give compression to the entire upper body that automatically eliminates rolls of the back, abdomen and stomach, while enhancing your bust and buttocks.

This girdle gives you a silhouette softer and more defined, as well as helping to look amazing when wearing tight dresses or suits. You can use it in your exercise routines and it is also ideal for the postpartum recovery process.