Give your dog special treatment and always keep his hair clean and soft.

Brush your hair dog It is a necessary and healthy act for your pet, because with this action we remove all the impurities from the dead fur, it gives it a neat and neat appearance and avoids hairs scattered throughout the house. So if you want to pamper your dog and give him only the best care, take a look at these special brushes to start grooming it properly.

1. Grooming brush special for pets

This brush gently removes loose hair removing tangles, knots, dandruff and all the elements that dirty your dog’s coat. It comes with a button that after brushing makes the cells retract and removes the hair from the brush. Its bristles are made of fine stainless steel bent wires.

With this brush you can keep your pet hair-free as well as your house clean with your pet’s grooming reducing allergies in him and in your family.

2. Double-sided brush for pets

Made with soft bristle pins, this pet brush has a padded, antistatic backing. It has a non-slip handle to hold and hold easily, thus avoiding accidents when brushing your dog.

Does not irritate sensitive skin of your pet and helps maintain the beautiful shine of the hair to make sure it looks its best.

3. Professional grooming brush to remove loose hair

This brush facilitates remove excess hair just by pressing the button to retract the teeth making the hair fall and leaving it clean. It has stainless steel teeth that penetrate your pet’s hair.

With this tool you will keep excess hair away and therefore allergies will be away from your family. The thumb support and a soft non-slip grille benefit the long-term use of this brush.

4. Brush with folding handle and hair release system

This modern brush includes a adjustable handle and super flexible buttons on both sides to reach all spaces when styling. Features a small rounded ball on the head of each metal bristle, ensuring a soft touch to promote skin health by styling or massaging your furry friends at home or outdoors; no scratches or pain at all.

Made of stainless steel high quality And with a non-slip grip handle, this pocket brush lets you comb your pet anywhere at any time.

5. Toiletry glove for pets

These gloves have been designed with 255 toilet tips silicone that allows a soft and relaxing massage for your pets. It is free of any material that can cause skin damage; with soft, one-size-fits-all rubber. Bring a fully adjustable and comfortable wrist strap.

They are 2 blue gloves perfect for dogs, cats, horses and other pets with long, short and curly hair, fixing hair quickly, smoothly and effectively.