The Castor oil It is an oil rich in nutrients and fatty acids that stimulates hair growth. Also, thanks to its antibacterial properties it is the perfect ally for the care of sensitive, dry and damaged hair. In addition to being a natural element, you will not have to worry about chemicals or adverse reactions. That is why here we recommend some of the best options of castor oil products that you can use for the health of your hair and your beauty.

1. Oil organic castor bean


It has been manufactured under the highest quality standards, using 100% natural oil obtained from organic castor beans from the best farmers’ fields in the India. It does not contain chemical additives or preservatives.

It is perfect to be used on all hair types, it offers incredible results as it is quickly absorbed for your hair and scalp for immediate transformation.

2. Castor oil cold pressed


It is an oil made with premium quality ingredients, 100% pure and cold pressed. Made with the best castor beans carefully extracted in the cold to preserve their botanical properties.

It allows you to enjoy having younger, thicker and healthier hair. Your difficult hair will start to feel much softer, manageable and shiny.

3. Treatment with dispensing nozzle


It is a 100% pure and unfiltered, undiluted castor oil, without additives or fillers of any kind. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which makes this oil a wonderful treatment.

You can use it to improve the natural color of your hair and make it look healthy and thick. It also allows you to preserve moisture in the hair shaft and makes each strand thicker and darker.

4. Oil black castor bean


It is formulated with black castor oil and wax from natural Jamaican plants. Its formula is fortified with Castor oil, shea butter, grape seeds, cacti, aloe vera and other natural hair friendly ingredients.

It helps your hair grow thicker, it also hydrates and add shine. It is ideal for caring for and improving curly or straight hair, a practical solution that you can apply daily.

5. Castor oil free of hexanes


This is a 100% pure castor oil that has been cold pressed and is free of hexanes. Considered a natural emollient, it is ideal to satisfy all your needs at the capillary level.

You can apply it as a moisture treatment for your hair, you just have to heat it before putting it on all your hair. This allows you to improve and increase the smoothness of your hair after brushing.