A garment that allows you to show off a spectacular figure.

To get a slender figureMany times more is needed than just diet and exercise routines. A good way to get the results in less time is through a girdle that works to shape your body and hide those excess rolls. For you to choose the correct one, below you will find five girdles colombian that will adapt to your figure.

1. Type reducing girdle Shorts


It is a reduction girdle made with an inner lining made of hypoallergenic cotton which makes it very soft on contact with the skin. It also has a design similar to that of shorts and silicone tapes on the upper thighs.

It is a waist reducer that helps you recover your silhouette that you had before the birth process or undergoing any surgery. The best thing is that you can take it with you during the day under jeans or a dress without being marked.

2. Reducing garment and molding machine

It is a reducing and shaping girdle that is made with nylon and spandexresistant and soft materials in contact with the skin. Its design has adjustable straps and a zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off.

This undergarment that comfortably adjusts to flatten your abdomen and lift your buttocks Natural way. You can wear it under any garment of your choice so that you get the figure you have always wanted.

3. Design to mold abdomen and thighs

It is a one-piece shaping girdle made of breathable materials such as elastane and polyamide It offers control in the abdominal area, softens the waist and lifts the buttocks.

This design allows you to have a silhouette of Hourglass with very pronounced and attractive curves. You can also use it after delivery or some cosmetic surgery to speed up the recovery process.

4. Piece for recovery post partum

Postpartum girdle designed with a lining microfiber that provides high compression and manages to adapt to your body as if it were a second skin. It has a double adjustment and a zipper on the front that provides greater resistance and comfort.

This girdle allows you to shape your figure and contributes to the recovery process after pregnancy. Likewise, it has an integrated post surgery bra that gives you additional support without generating discomfort.

5. Shaping girdle Withouth stitches

It is a girdle made with a soft latex lining It divides it into three slimming layers that stimulate weight loss, provide firm control in the abdomen and absorb moisture. The garment is also equipped with removable straps and a front zipper.

It is designed to shape your midsection and emphasize your curves. natural way. It also has an open bust cut so you can wear it comfortably with your favorite bra.