Shape your curves and show off your figure like never before.

To improve our personal image we always seek define our waist and shape our body, and one of the best ways to do that is to use girdles compressors, which have become our best allies when dressing. However, you should choose them taking into account factors such as size, material, fastening methods, firmness and ventilation. That is why this time we show you the best models you can get in Amazon, specially designed for plus size girls.

Shaper high cut

It is a high cut girdle that is combined with reducing briefs, removable straps, open bust and a hole in the crotch for greater practicality during the trip to the bathroom. The sizes go from S to 6XL and you can get it in the black and beige tones.

This type of girdle will manage to smooth the entire area of ​​the body that it covers so that you feel secure with your body regardless of the look you wear. In addition, it brings multiple benefits to women who remain seated for a long time or those who have just given birth, since compresses the abdomen and improves posture.

Shaper anti-slip

This reducing girdle made with elastane and nylon, offers you a high elasticity and softness. Its design comes with panty-style lace, zipper with inner hook, and an epoxy bottom so it won’t slip and stay in place.

It provides a hip effect that makes you look more stylish and charming under any garment. You can also use it during recovery from labor or surgery, because its compression helps the skin return to its natural state.

3. Compressor girdle with 360º control

It is a low-cut girdle with open chest that is made with spandex material, a comfortable and breathable fabric Matching with adjustable crochet straps and smooth stitching that won’t mark under clothing.

It offers 360 degrees of firm control that visually reduces the abdomen, waist, belly and legs, giving you a feeling instantly thin.

Shaping bodysuit with push up effect

Seamless shaping bodysuit that comes with a hyper elastic fabricSoft, breathable and resistant, it combines a unique design with removable straps, a front closure, a closed bust with a push up effect and adjustable shoulder straps.

It offers the support and compression you need to recover your body after surgery or childbirth, while shaping the waist, flattening the belly and lift your buttocks so you can show off your natural curves with your favorite outfits.

5. Compressor girdle full body

It is a full body shaping girdle that is made with a comfortable, soft and breathable hyperelastic fabric that gives you space to breathe and without being uncomfortable. Also, its design comes with the open bust which is compatible with a push-up bra and with adjustable straps.

Belly fat is the most difficult to lose and since we know that you dream of a more toned abdomen, we offer you this waist shaper so that you manage to show off a sexy body with your tight clothes.

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