With the passing of time our hair It begins to lose shine and softness, because it is constantly subjected to continuous aggressions such as heat and chemicals such as dyes. The face masks They are characterized by their high nutritional components and help better hydration and restoration; So if you want to repair your hair after a chemical treatment or extend the life of your new dye, take a look at these options and choose the best one for you.

1. Formula to nourish and condition your hair

This is a mask made from pure argan oil, almond oil, and pro-vitamin B-5. Helps restore, repair, and strengthen your mistreated hair from heat, chemicals, humidity and dyes.

This mask hydrates damaged hair from root to tip and protects it from UV rays of the sun. This way you will have smoother, thicker and healthier hair.

2. Moisturizing mask with olive oil

Olive oil is recognized for its high content of moisturizing nutrients for shaving hair. This mask of olive oil, beef and sweet almond foam, adds shine and softness to damaged or color-treated hair.

It will penetrate deeply from the root to the tips. For best results it should be applied daily for 5 minutes to all hair after shampooing.

3. Formula for dark hair

Henna over time has been characterized as a natural dye for any hair type. This is a mask that contains organic nutrients like henna and wheat germ oil.

It can be used frequently after shampooing and will help the dye to get a better finish and make your hair look silky and shiny.

4. Deep treatment with coconut oil

This is a coconut oil mask with shea butter, argan oil, rosehip seed and vitamins E and B5. These ingredients contribute to hydration and repair your hair.

It is applied for 20 minutes after shampooing the hair. It will help you grow faster, prevent grease and repair split ends.

5. Restorative mask for dry and damaged hair

A mask for any hair type. Composed of nutritious oils such as borage, tea oil and ceramides, to restore the healthy appearance of your hair.

Have a immediate effect Because its ingredients are developed in the best laboratories and will help strengthen hair.