To achieve a good dish, you need the best implements.

We know that for Cook Creativity, experience, dedication, good taste and great precision are required; but so that foods remain in place, it requires a temperature precise and constant, which is achieved through a kitchen thermometer. Therefore, we present these 5 models that will cover all your needs so that you can manage the time of each of the dishes that you prepare and enjoy one of the great pleasures of life.

Digital thermometer folding

This digital thermometer comes with a precision sensor that offers immediate reading with results between 4 and 7 seconds. It is a collapsible product with a stainless steel probe that runs on an included AAA battery.

It is a product suitable for all types of food, since it has a -50 ° C to 300 ° C measurement range It combines with an LCD screen to keep the temperature monitored. This is ideal for pricking meat from the barbecue or oven, measuring caramel and even chocolate.

Grill thermometer with mobile application

This grill thermometer set features two wireless sensors that measure the rhythm of meat and the oven temperature. Includes two micro USB cables, a charger, a plug, and a storage sleeve.

It also comes with a bridge with backlit LCD display which receives temperature data. Without forgetting that it works with devices iOS or Android to transmit the signal and send alerts during cooking.

3. Set of wireless thermometers

It is a set of thermometers that comes with two 2 stainless steel sensors that allow controlling the meat temperature and the ambient temperature simultaneously. Works with one AAA battery with capacity for more than 24 hours of continuous cooking.

You can control the temperature of your dishes through the WiFi or Bluetooth of the tablet, the phone, the computer or Alexa, in this way you can configure the alerts and customize notifications while you are away from the oven or grill.

Digital thermometer with 4 probes

This grill thermometer has 11 cooking levels with Preset temperatures between 32 ° F to 572 ° F for different foods. You can also adjust and restart it manually according to your preferences. Package includes 4 measurement probes.

It is a barbecue meter that you can link to your phone or iPad so you can monitor your dishes up to 170 feet away, so you can do anything around the house without the risk of burning food.

5. Infrared thermometer for food

This thermometer has infrared technology, ideal for measuring temperature without touching food. It has a measurement range from -58 ° F to 716 ° F, and works with two included AAA batteries.

It also has a backlit LCD display It is easy to read during the day and night, so it guarantees the right temperature for your dishes. But its biggest advantage is that it can measure accurately over long distances just by aiming at a specific point.

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