Show off healthy and radiant skin with the help of these creams.

The skin of the face is one of the most exposed of our body, and therefore it deserves special care and attention. One of the most common conditions in this area is pimples. Sometimes they are caused by excess fat, dietary and even hormonal factors. So that the skin of your face is healthy, smooth and uniform, we present below the best creams to say goodbye to pimples.

1. AcneFree: Treatment Maximum Force


Effective acne treatment, which you can apply to your face and back. This medicine is absorbed faster and deeper to kill 99% of acne causing bacteria.

Minimize the drying effect on your skin, which can occur when you use products with ordinary benzoyl peroxide. Too, reduces redness of the skin so that you have your face with clearer and healthier skin.

2. Salica: Blackhead Cream

This cream fights and eliminates pimples on your face, neck, back and the rest of your body. Help to clear up pimples existing, boils and other imperfections of your skin from the origin.

It is suitable for use on the skin of youth, adults, men and women. Ideal for you to achieve permanently remove blackheads, pimples and hormonal acne.

3. Salica Acne Cream: Blackhead Remover Cream

The master mix with salicylic acid It provides a gentle exfoliation that keeps pores free of dead skin cells and excess oil, helping to prevent clogging.

This specially formulated to reduce the size of pores and eliminate acne quickly and easily. It is the definitive solution for soft, smooth, healthy and beautiful skin.

4. Clarity: Gel treatment


It is a treatment for acne of medical degree. It has about four times the potency and dosage of over-the-counter skin care products in stores.

This gel is lightweight, fast and discreet drying. Benzoyl peroxide can be used under your cosmetics and facial creams. For best results you can use it as a night treatment.

5. Clean & Clear: Special acne cream

Is compound cream With salicylic acid it is formulated to reduce and eliminate blackheads, as well as redness on your face. Penetrates into the pores of your skin and works fast to reduce live signs of acne.

100% of people who used this cream showed a lighter skin with a single day of use. You do not need a prescription to use this treatment.