Your well-being baby It is one of the most common and priority concerns that you can present as a mother. This is why it is normal that you want to spend as much time as possible with him to always have him under surveillance, including during night. So this time we show you the best cribs specially designed to be placed next to the bed, and so you can rest comfortably close to your baby.

1. Unilove: Adaptive crib with mesh window

Baby crib in a nice and classic Gray koala. This model can be placed with great comfort in your room as a mother or also take it on a trip. Its dimensions are 15.2 x 61 x 94 cm.

If you are looking comfort For your little one, this crib is ideal to provide comfort and security in your room.

2. Halo: Cradle for newborns

Cradle made specifically for babies up to five months old. It has a sliding ability to easily locate on any type of surface.

This crib model sliding It is ideal for your baby to sleep peacefully near your bed, offering you greater tranquility in your sleeping hours.

3. Mika Micky: Portable crib with adjustable height

Cradle for babies made with material resistant, easy to fold and locate anywhere in the room. It features a stable lower backrest and a comfortable mattress with a sleeping board.

It is a design laptop and comfortable to use, which allows an appropriate resting place for your baby. It has 7 different levels of height, so you can adjust it to your bed level.

4. Arm’s Reach: Adaptable crib for babies

2-in-1 crib design featuring increased ventilation in its structure. Easy to install anywhere in the room. It has the following dimensions: 53.3 x 78.7 x 86.4 cm.

With this option of a baby bed, your little one will be safe throughout the night and you as a parent will be able to have more peace of mind during your sleeping hours. Structure resistant and long-lasting.

5. Chicco Italy: Cot with folding edges

Sleeping cradle made from sturdy plastic. Presents a padded surface and appropriate for babies. In turn, it includes a soft mattress with removable and washable lining. This model features height adjustment from 13.8 inches to 20.5 inches, plus 4 wheels with brakes.

Cradle that stands out in the market for its choice rocking chair. You will be able to calm your child until he sleeps peacefully. Firm in structure and reliable support.