Take care of the health of your spine with these cushions.

Work sitting in a bad posture for long periods of time, it can be detrimental to your health. Among the main possible consequences are an increased risk of injury to different parts of the body, a bulging belly, back pain, poor physical appearance, and more. To prevent these ailments and diseases, we recommend the best anatomical cushions for improve your posture at work.

1. Ergonomic cushion that prevents injuries

The cushion made in memory foam It has two adjustable elastic straps and a removable and breathable black mesh cover that provides great air circulation. Perfectly fits most office chairs, even high back chairs.

Its use allows you get a good posture since it adopts the natural curve of your spine. In addition, its ergonomic design helps increase blood flow in your body, thus preventing muscle fatigue and back strain.

2. Two-piece cushion multifunctional

Made in memory foam 100% pure and additive-free, the cushion features two adjustable straps and a convenient breathable velvet zipper for easy machine washing.

Its lumbar support gives you pain relief in sciatica, in the small of the back, in the herniated disc, the hemorrhoids or the injured coccyx. You can use it while driving.

3. Lumbar cushion for the car or the office

The cushion is made of a mesh material whose fabric is lightweight and breathable, designed not to retain heat and allow excellent air circulation in the back.

Correct your posture and relieves the discomfort of your back. Perfect for office or car chairs, especially if you sit for long hours.

4. Orthopedic cushion anti-slip

Made of orthopedic memory foam, the cushion features breathable mesh and a non-slip bottom that keeps it in place.

Reduces pressure on the tailbone due to its anatomical shape while providing relief from sciatica pain, herniated discs, coccyx injuries, and more.

5. Mesh cushion hypoallergenic

The cushion made of memory foam It features a premium adjustable strap and hypoallergenic ventilating mesh.

Ergonomically designed To support your back, the cushion provides pain relief, spinal alignment, reduced pressure points, improved blood circulation, and improved posture.