Forget about bad smells and bad times.

There is nothing better than a good body scent. Not only to attract everyone’s attention, but also for hygiene issues. However, it is not enough to use a good perfume or a good lotion, since there are areas of our body that give off smells stronger and they need a special product to keep them at bay. An example of this are the armpits, and the deodorants They are essential to keep them with a good smell. Here we show you the best options:

1. Speed ​​Stick: deodorant pack without perfume

Speed ​​Stick deodorants are fragrance freeThey contain 3 ounces and come with a 6 pack. Specially formulated for men.

It is antiperspirant and gives you a 24 hour protection against bad smell and sweat due to heat or physical activity.

2. Secret: pH balanced deodorant pack

Secret has a fragrance-free deodorant original with balanced pH. Its net content is 2.6 oz and it comes in a pack of 6. Its formula is strong and durable.

Invisible antiperspirant protection on clothing whose pH balanced works well with your body’s natural chemistry.

3. Gillette: 24h deodorant and antiperspirant

Gillete’s deodorant and antiperspirant are made up of a clear gel whose aroma is Cool Wave. With your purchase, you will receive a 3-pack of Cool Wave antiperspirant / deodorant especially for men.

These products kill bacteria they cause bad odor and give you protection that lasts all day.

4. Lady speed stick: residue-free deodorants

Lady Speed ​​Stick offers a pack of deodorants free of white residue. The pack includes 6 units especially for women.

They offer you durable protection against odors and humidity, lying fresh from morning to night.

5. Secret: deodorants with invisible protection

These Secret deodorants are from fresh powder and have a net content of 2.6 oz. It comes in a presentation of 5 units.

They offer you invisible protection against odor and humidity. Keep in mind that its fragrance is strong, so with only a discreet application you will be protected.