The king of the house deserves to have his own castle.

Our pet It is the most spoiled of the house, and for that reason we are constantly in search of the best things and the best quality to please you and keep you always happy. The dogs they are the kings of the house, and like every king, they need their own castle or luxury house. That is why this time we show you the best dog houses that you can place in your patio, which will give your little friend maximum comfort and luxury, without spending a lot of money:

1. Waterproof House with platform

This dog house is made of strong and solid PP material. It is anti-corrosion and can prevent water from flowing towards the house by its upper floor. It has a roof that protects from rain and sun.

With a ventilated design At the top, this dog house makes the whole experience cooler, ideal for times like summer.

2. Cottage with terrace

This dog house is super big with wide windows for ventilation to flow, roof to protect from rain and has a porch where you can rest outdoors.

You can place it in the patio of your house where your pet will be very comfortable and safe in its own space.

3. House for small dogs

This beautiful house suits small dogs, it has a porch with a window which gives it a lot of ventilation. This playhouse keeps pets safe and dry in strong weather conditions.

Your dog will be super comfortable in this cedar house with natural dye. You can place it in any space in the patio of your house.

4. Wooden house barn type

This natural fir wood house is waterproof with sturdy roof. It has a front door and next to the roof it can be opened for easy access.

With smooth edges this house will give a lot comfort your pet and it will make you feel comfortable and with ample interior space.

5. Little house recycled wood

Made of wood with a surface smooth and toxic free chemicals. It is of exceptional durability, rigidity and stability. It is resistant to humidity and fire.

Your dog will feel very comfortable in it and has ventilation systems for air to flow into the house.