Give your child the tools to develop their learning in a fun way.

One of the most dynamic and spontaneous ways for your children to develop their physical, creative and intellectual capacities at the same time, is through games. It is a simple and effective way in which they can to learn on different topics without feeling pressured or bored, so the progress will be greater. Take a look at the options educational toys that we show you below, specially designed for stimulate your children:

1. Little Treasures: Memory game


Game educational that establishes the recognition of images and words by means of letters. The package contains a tray, 8 letter cubes, 30 picture cards and 60 word cards of up to 3 and 4 letters.

This game of letters It is ideal to stimulate the recognition and memory capacity in your children. Likewise, it not only seeks to improve reading and spelling in your little ones, but also so that they can improve the coordination of hands and eyes.

2. Learning Resources: Hand-eye coordination toy


Educational game with the appearance of a cute hedgehog, which allows children to freely develop their abilities of recognition by means of colors. Set includes a 2-piece hedgehog approximately 6 ″ in diameter, 12 feathers, and an activity guide.

What stands out most about this hedgehog game colorful It is your choice to play freely with the plastic spikes that make up the little animal. Your children will be able to fully develop their color and shape recognition.

3. CoolToys: Numerical scale children’s toy


Toy childish of numerical scale in the shape of a cute and colorful monkey. The scale jumpsuit is perfect for children ages 3 and up. It is responsible for teaching the basic skills to count and start in the world of mathematics.

The most curious and fun thing about this game is its way of stimulating the learning of numbers in the smallest of the house, using a numerical scale.

4. TOP BRIGHT: Wooden bucket of pins and gears


Cube of wood in multiple colors and geometric figures. It consists of 3 colorful blocks for your children to explore and develop their perception and recognition skills. It is 11.8 x 6 x 6 inches in size.

If you are looking for a toy dynamic So that your child can learn by playing, this cube of geometric figures will be your best option. You will come to recognize the shapes as you play and have fun in the process.

5. BMAG: Toy with buildable magnetic blocks


Children’s toy in the form of blocks magnetic of construction. Your children will be able to build and create all the possible figures, thanks to the magnet attached to each piece. This set features 12 metal balls, 12 long bars, and 22 short bars.

Ideal game for your children to freely develop their creative and imaginary skills. They can create all the shapes they want with the pieces magnetic.