Committing yourself to the person we love is one of the most important decisions in our life, because it leads us to start a new stage and form our own family. The engagement rings they represent a promise and symbolize the love we have for our partner. So if you already made this decision and don’t know which one engagement ring choose, this time we will show you the best 5 beautiful pieces to choose the one that best suits your budget.

1. 925 silver ring with a halo of diamonds

This precious ring has been made by hand with 925 silver. It has a shiny silver finish, rhodium plated and a solitary halo covered around with precious stones.

This is a ring very striking that will not go unnoticed and you can use to propose marriage to the person you love and leave them completely surprised.

2. Engagement ring with 14k gold

This is a pink ring designed by the iconic brand Pandora. It has been made in gold of 14k with a mixture of copper and silver that gives a shiny finish.

This ring stands out for being very elegant and luxurious. It will look great in your fiancee’s hand. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, making it easily adaptable to any hand.

3. Ring with side stones

This is a beautiful ring made of 925 sterling silver that features 3 gemstones with cut style Princess and high quality finishes. They include a velvet box to protect it.

It is a very elegant and comfortable design so your partner can use it to diary. Its stones give it a very intense shine, which makes it a great choice.

4. Polished silver with a gem showy

This is an engagement ring made in silver that has a own shine. It is comprised of 3 perfectly polished shiny stones that are decorated by smaller jewels.

You can use it as a gift to give that ideal person. It is considered a very beautiful jewel and you can be a good option if you are looking for something modern without the need of spend a lot of money.

5. Ring with zirconic stone lonely

It is a jewel made with rhodium-plated 925 silver inlaid with zirconic stones that make it a completely hypoallergenic piece. Its solitary design that makes it look like a jewel attractive and elegant.

Thanks to the variety of measures available and its design with a minimalist style makes it ideal for making an engagement ring. It is available at an accessible price of $ 29.89.