A special seat to take care of your back and comfort.

The computer It is a fundamental device through which we have access to a large number of tools, information and applications that allow us to work or just hang out. Whatever the case, if you stay in front of it for a long time you can risk pain in areas such as the neck and back. So it never hurts to have a ergonomic chair like the ones we will present below.

1. Chair with adjustable backrest


This is one ergonomic chair very elegant that is upholstered in black leather and reinforced with a PVC frame. Its seat and back are padded, thus providing better support and comfort.

Its curved contours help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned to prevent pain. Its pneumatic control handle also allows you to adjust the height.

2. Office chair with design ergonomic


A seat designed with an ergonomic lumbar support that includes a padded pillow and a mesh that provides a reinforcement to the back to adapt to the natural curve of the body. This chair is also equipped with a breathable cover.

The seat is made of foam high density It provides an ideal abrasion to give you the comfort you need after long hours at the computer.

3. Seat with medium backrest


Is a office chair Ergonomic upholstered in black leather that is also equipped with a comfortable padded seat and backrest that guarantee a lot of comfort during all the time you spend in front of your computer.

It has double wheels that facilitate mobility, and its reinforced design allows it to support up to 225 pounds of weight. You can spend long hours on the seat without this causing pain in the back or neck.

4. Furniture Synthetic leather


It has been designed with a high back and an anatomical seat, it also has padded synthetic leather armrests. Its base has five-pointed star-shaped legs with wheels that can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Its ergonomic design allows you move with ease back and forth to allow you a better viewing angle. Perfect for relaxing during a busy work day.

5. Office chair with high back


It is a very comfortable option to support the longest days in front of the computer. Your design high back gives you the best support for your entire lower back as it is padded with high-density foam.

This chair can adapt to all needs that you need to cover during the busiest days of the office. This seat is equipped with a lock that allows you to safely hold at the correct angle.