The best of Coco Chanel for women with distinguished taste

Coco Chanel It is one of the most influential brands in the fashion world that stands out for its high quality and for its designs that are always on trend. An important part of this house are its fragrances, which convey glamor and elegance. If you are one woman who likes to steal everyone’s eyes and leave an indelible mark, pay attention to the following list.

1. Gabrielle with red currants and berries

This fragrance belongs to the olfactory family of woody floral musk and was presented in 2019. Its exit notes They are citrus and include ingredients such as black currants, red berries and peaches.

It is a balanced perfume, ideal to use on special occasions and during any season of the year. It is appropriate if you want to transmit a exquisite scent that will last for hours.

2. COCONUT Mademoiselle with sweet and citrus touches

This is a perfume that belongs to the oriental floral olfactory family that is available in a square bottle. Inside is a fragrance that mixes aromas citrus and sweets they adhere to the skin quickly.

This is a perfect perfume for you to convey an air of sensuality and femininity. If you like perfumes that make you remember you for a long time, this may be just what you were looking for.

3. Chanel No. 5 with classic style

An exclusive fragrance of the brand with an exquisite aroma and very classic in which ingredients such as bergamot, lemon, lily root, jasmine, oak moss, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and patchouli are perceived.

When you spray this fragrance on your skin it will last for a long time. If you are a lover of aromas more classic and elegantIt is definitely a great choice for you.

4. Special edition Coconut from Chanel

It is a perfume that immerses you in fresh and romantic notes that stand out for creating a very penetrating and pleasant fragrance. Comes in a presentation at spray 3.4 oz.

This is a bottle that contains a feminine and lasting aroma inside, this makes it ideal for use in special occasions such as baptisms, weddings and Christmases.

5. Chance Chanel with flower essences

Chance is a fragrance that was launched in 2003 with an unmistakable floral aroma of Long duration. Among its most outstanding ingredients you can find patchouli, pink pepper, pineapple, iris, jasmine and lemon.

You can use it daily and enjoy a pleasant feeling on your skin. It is ideal for warm seasons such as spring and summer where you want convey freshness.