The steam on the skin contributes to opening the pores, which facilitates the exit of blackheads, blackheads, remains of makeup and impurities. In this way, cleaning, moisturizing and moisturizing products can work better, since the surface of your skin will have been left free, allowing them to be absorbed better. That is why this time we recommend the best facial vaporizers with which you can have smooth and rejuvenated skin in a short time:

1. LONOVE: vaporizer with atomizer lamp

Vaporizer with an exclusive atomizing lamp and a new sonic atomizer. The apparatus can produce nano vapor with negatively charged ionic particles. Produces constant mist for 10 minutes of use.

It is 10 times more effective penetrating your skin, unblocking your pores and improving the skin tone of your face. It is of automatic shutdown, so that if you are absent-minded you will be able to not worry. It is also good for removing sinus congestion.

2. Pure Daily Care: 3-in-1 nano-ionic vaporizer

This 3-in-1 nano-ionic vaporizer features precise temperature control, its steam time is 30 minutes. Comes with a 5-piece kit included.

Silent operation, the vaporizer together with the kit will allow you to eliminate black spots and spots effortlessly. You can also set it to humidify a room in addition to heating the towels for a refreshing finish.

3. Zenpy: vaporizer with face kit

Delivers finer steam than the traditional vaporizer, making it more effective to penetrate and hydrate your skin. You have a steam at full power in 40 seconds and you can hold it for 10 minutes non-stop. It is durable and safe, as it is made of ABS, resistant to flames and high temperatures.

Moisten dry skin, increases circulation blood, reduces acne and pimples, weakens pigmented spots and eliminates sinus congestion.

4. KINGA: quick application vaporizer

The vaporizer generates steam at full power in a advanced ultrasonic atomizer less than 30 seconds, in which it converts the clean water into microfine particles to produce a powerful and consistent mist.

Removes dirt, the oil and the makeup. With its use, the cleanser, tonic, cream and other nutrients will be more absorbable, thus enhancing its effects.

5. RGCTL: deep cleaning vaporizer

It uses nano-atomization technology that penetrates 10X into the skin more effectively. The vaporizer comes with a 5-piece stainless steel skin kit and headband.

Its use will give you a cleaner skin, free of dirt, oil and accumulated makeup. Its application allows the cleansing gel, tonic, cream and other beauty products to be more absorbable, thus enhancing its effects.