A powerful and eye-catching amulet for good fortune.

Every day it is further confirmed that our environment is full of energy flow, and as we live in a dual world, where the positive cannot exist without the negative, the environments, people and objects release and retain both types of energy. If you feel a heavy environment in your house and money it is usually a problem, there is no doubt that negative energies abound. One solution to this is the trees of fortune like the ones we show you below, which purify the energies of the environment and attract the prosperity and fortunes to your home.

1. Tree of prosperity with colorful stones

With colorful stones by leavesThis Chinese tree of prosperity is made of polyresin, measures 8.5 ″ wide by 7 ″ tall and is available in other colors.

It attracts for you and yours luck, prosperity and protection against any kind of loss and improves the power of an individual. Perfect as a decorative element of your office, business, front door and living room.

2. Tree of fortune of the seven chakras

This Chinese prosperity tree is handmade with gold wire and 300 beads of natural and colorful stones. It measures between 10 ″ and 12 ″ and is available in other colors.

Promote professional success and a restful sleep. It also repairs your hurt emotions, strengthening your heart to face the ups and downs of life.

3. Tree of prosperity with jade stones

With stones of aventurine quartz imitating jadeThe tree of prosperity is made of resin and is approximately 7 ″ tall when all the leaves are spread.

It will attract you and yours wealth, success and good energy. Aventurine is also used to counteract geopathic tension, among other things.

4. Tree of fortune Golden

Handmade in resin and gems, the leaves and branches can be expanded and arranged as you like. The Chinese letter on the money bag is “Choi”, which means “wealth”.

Citrine quartz gems bring you not only fortune, nobility and auspiciousnessThey also have a strong capacity to calm fear and anxiety.

5. Tree with amethyst stones and base of rainbow crystals

This tree of prosperity has crystals of Amethyst and Titanium Rainbow. Its size is approximately 2.3 ″ tall and 2.5 ″ wide. For its part, the size of the base of the crystal cluster is approximately 1.2 ″. Comes with velvet pouch.

Attract prosperity for you, healing energy, heart opening meditation, communication and self-reflection.