If you are one of those who cares about reviewing every detail of their look, you need a complete mirror.

Have a mirror hand is as essential as having one of whole body, because the latter is the one that allows us not only to better appreciate our figure and our clothing before leaving, It also supports us to review every detail of our day-to-day look, and as a decorative element of our room. So if you are tired of trying to see your complete outfit with a compact mirror, take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

1. Mirror with padded frame and glass studs

Upholstered and standingThe white vinyl mirror has studs with shiny glass accents that add a little sparkle to your living area. Available in other colors.

his sleek and modern design They make it combinable with any type of decoration and your room will not be the exception. In addition, its wooden frame is of long durability.

2. Mirror with wooden frame and easel

The mirror made with a wooden frame durable imitation. With its built-in solid easel, this mirror can stand on its own.

For his versatile and timeless designYou can combine and place it in a variety of locations and places, making it adaptable to any room regardless of style.

3. Mirror with easel and wall hooks

Your frame made in aluminium alloy allows it to be antioxidant, robust and resistant. For its part, its glass is unbreakable. Available in other colors.

Its design and style allows you to place it on the floor and on the wall; also for its manufacturing materials it is almost indestructible.

4. Standing mirror with vintage style

This mirror features a frame of appearance of weathered wood enclosing an exquisite beveled mirror available in various colors.

You can place it on the floor or lean it against the wall thus allowing you save space. On the other hand, its rustic style will give a warm feeling to your home, making it the center of attention in the room.

5. Mirror with beveled wooden frame

Made with a frame of durable imitation woodThis mirror will not only look stylish, it is also built to last.

From elegant styleThe mirror can be placed in a wide range of locations and positions, making it adaptable for any room.