There is nothing like sharing a delicious dinner outdoors with your family.

Nothing better for the holidays and for him Weekend have a barbecue or share in the garden with the family. In this case, the barbecue grill is not the only important thing, a good dining set It can allow you to comfortably enjoy the meeting and also beautify the space. Check out here the 5 best dining sets for your garden.

1. USA Best Sellers: Circular Dining Room wood

Round table game with 4 benches made in spruce robust and durable. It can fit 8 people, and it also has a hole in the center to place an umbrella.

If you wish, you can paint this dining room set with water-based paint. It is easy mounting and it can be placed on cement or grass.

2. Flash Forniture: Dining Room Rattan

Dining room with 4 rattan chairs and square table with glass top and rattan border. Available in black, brown and gray.

It can be located both indoors and outdoors. This designer dining set simple and traditional combines with any style of decoration.

3. D + Garden: Dining room aluminum and wood

Dining set with 4 aluminum chairs and round table in white, both combined with tables imitation wood.

Strong and durableThis dining room set is suitable to be outdoors. It does not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water.

4. Fivegiven: Dining Room two stalls

3-Piece Dining Set for Small spaces. It comes with two individual benches and a table, made of steel and MDF.

If your patio is not very big, this is the ideal game for you. Their chairs can hide Under the table when not in use, it is lightweight and fits in any corner of the home.

5. Festnight: Dining room 8 places

Dining set with rectangular table made of acacia wood with 8 rattan chairs with wood in black color that include removable cushions and washable.

If your family is large, this dining room set cannot be missing in your home. All the pieces are light and easy to assemble and disassemble, perfect to enjoy a good meal in your garden during weekends, birthdays or other special occasions.