The most efficient way to get more sexy and lifted buttocks

The girdles to elevate the buttocks are designed to help you acquire the figure you want by shaping and highlighting the natural curves of the mid-body. These tails lifting garments accelerate results when you exercise and follow a healthy diet. So if you are looking for a garment to look more sexyDo not miss these five styles that we present below.

1. Type girdle Shorts


It is a girdle made with nylon and elastane, a combination of breathable and soft fabrics in contact with the skin. Its high waist design features a lace and silicone reinforced thigh length cut.

This garment allows you to show off a sexy figure by giving more volume to the buttocks, hips and reducing the abdomen. In addition, it is made with invisible seams not noticeable under clothing.

2. Garment to shape buttocks with low cut

It is a shaping girdle with a shorts design that works to compress the waist and lift the buttocks. It is equipped with a lining hypoallergenic cotton that protects your skin.

This piece is perfect to use after childbirth or cosmetic surgery, since its design accelerates the process of Recovery while shaping your figure and allowing you to look amazing with any type of garment.

3. Shaping garment post surgical

It is a post surgical girdle made with a fabric hypoallergenic and breathable which is very comfortable in contact with the skin. Plus, its lace-up hem design offers a mid-thigh and high waist cut.

This design gives you an instant slimming effect as it compresses the abdomen area and lift your buttocks Natural way. It is also a good option to show off an incredible figure with your everyday clothes.

4. Design to reduce the abdomen

Girdle made with nylon and spandex, two materials light and comfortable that guarantee you comfort and ease of movement. Its design is characterized by its short pants cut and its high waist corset.

It is a versatile garment that you can combine with your favorite bra and wear it under any outfit without fear of being marked or worn by use. In this way, you can make it your main option throughout the year to show off your curves for sure.

5. Girdle with circular cutout

It is a girdle with a circular cutout in the part of the buttocks that allows them to be molded and lifted naturally. It has a design made with mesh and cotton which makes it a very breathable and comfortable garment to wear for hours.

Its design allows to control the abdomen area, define the hips and provide extra compression in the area of the thighs. Without a doubt, it is a good option for you to dress your favorite clothes wearing a spectacular and sexy figure.