Women are always in search of improve our figure and our appearance, and one of the best ways to do that is with the use of girdles. One of the most popular models currently is the so-called “lift your tail“, Which have special designs to increase the volume of your buttocks and give you an impact figure in the best JLo style. Take a look at these models and choose the best one for you.

1. Girdle with waist control

It is a girdle made of nylon and elastic. It comes with a circular cut at the back to lift and shape the buttocks. In addition, it offers a texture soft, breathable and flexible that allows you to carry it throughout the day.

It also provides you with a firmness control so that you get the figure you have always wanted, since it softens the thighs, lift your glutes naturally and flatten your belly regardless of the garment you wear.

2. Body shaper with lace

Seamless shaping girdle made of nylon, elastane and padded lace on the back, soft fabrics for comfortThey are antibacterial and absorb moisture so you can carry it at any time of the year.

This upgraded garment comes with super slim pads that are invisible under any clothes; and offers you a control effect on the belly and thighs, which is perfect if you are a woman with flat or small hips.

3. Girdle with fabric breathable mesh

It is a girdle that is made with a light mesh fabric that is highly flexible and breathable to adapt comfortably to your figure. It comes with a shorts design that controls the tummy and offers you natural looking curves.

It also has foam pads that enhance your glutes and work the muscles of the area while you move, so you can wear it on any occasion under jeans, dresses or skirts.

4. Elastic tights with padding

This girdle has a design with strategically placed pads and a technology of stretch fabric for support, in a way that allows your gluteal muscles to lift and shape.

In addition, it is a garment that gives you abdomen and waist control to make you look like an hourglass figure. Best of all, you can wear it at any time of the year because it is breathable and invisible under clothing.

5. Mesh girdle with elastic reinforcement

Padded underwear with high elasticity of reinforcement that prevents it from rolling, it is antibacterial and absorbs moisture. And on the back it has removable and seamless pads to prevent it from marking under clothing.

It is a garment that offers an instant improvement to add dimensions to your hips, lift your buttocks and control the lower area of ​​your stomach, In this way you can show off natural curves so that you feel safe with your outfit.

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